It wasn’t a Muslim-2

It wasn’t a Muslim

It wasn’t Muslims who, on
Tuesday, October 2 through Friday, October 5, 2001: 1) met with, and 2)
received $3 million in gifts for "funds for victims" from
Sheikh Hamad bin
Khalifah Al-Thani
, the
Emir of Qatar
who started the Al Jazeera
channel in 1996
with a $150 million grant,
the channel
broadcasts audios and videos purporting to be of "Osama
bin Laden
" aka
; it was: 1)

George W. Bush
, Dick

Cheney (an "old friend")
– Cheney also
the Emir on October 20, 2001 to discuss
the "Osama" interviews, Rudy
Colin Powell
, Paul Wolfowitz, and Richard Myers 2)

Rudy Giuliani
, Paul
and Richard Myers

It wasn’t Muslims who
fabricated a fairy
y about Pfc.
Jessica Lynch
being ambushed, stabbed, shot, bravely continuing to shoot
Iraqis, being abused,
and held captive in a hospital by Iraqi guards, and later rescued by elite US
forces; it was "unnamed US
" who

, since in fact there was no "rescue", Lynch’s

gun had jammed
with sand,
was being cared for by the Iraqis
after being injured in a car crash, she
had no "bullet holes" or "knife wounds", the hospital was not "under guard", and
doctors had even tried to return Lynch to US forces themselves. 

It wasn’t Muslims who

conspired to invade
a defenseless nation by
about "weapons of mass destruction"
("WMDs") when they had
already made
up their minds to invade for "regime change"
, resulting in excess Iraqi
deaths estimated at


one million
, the displacement of
more than four million, the
sacrifice of thousands of
and throwing away of

$3 trillion
to no avail save for
enriching a few
war criminals and

to the tune of
billions of
in this
proxy war
for Israel
it was George W. Bush
and Tony Blair.

It wasn’t a Muslim who ordered aides to plan for striking Iraq

barely five hours after the Pentagon was attacked
on 9/11; it was

Donald Rumsfeld

It wasn’t Muslims who ordered
250 police to smash their
way into a house in Forest Gate
, London, in the middle of the night and
arrest two brothers after shooting one of them in the shoulder, on the basis of
intelligence said to be from a "reliable", single source regarding a conspiracy
involving a "cyanide bomb", with the brothers being released without charge
several days later before it was subsequently revealed that the source was
a man with
an IQ of 69 who was already in jail on a terror conviction
; it was Jewish
supremacist lackeys
Tony Blair and John Reid

It isn’t Muslim countries that
hundreds of nuclear warheads
submarines equipped with cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads with a 900-mile range;
it is Israel.

It isn’t Muslims that have a powerful political lobby capable of extorting vast sums;
it is Israel.

It wasn’t a Muslim who boasted "We Muslims control America, and the Americans
know it";
it was
Ariel Sharon who boasted
"We, the Jewish people, control America, and the
Americans know it".

It isn’t Muslims who fake phony "hate crimes" against themselves, such as
vandalising their
own cars
graves, or
poisoning their dogs
and defacing their houses with swastikas
, or
cutting their clothes
and drawing swastikas on their stomachs
; it is Jews.

It wasn’t Muslims who took
control of The New York Times in 1896
, or who indeed
own and
control much of the mainstream media today
; it was and is Jews.

It isn’t a Muslim country that crushes peace protesters to death with bulldozers or shoots them, or
shells a picnicking family on a beach
(and then

refuses to own up
) when it wants to launch a war within
the next three
, or warns civilians to flee after blowing up bridges so it can target them like sitting ducks, or shoots at Red Cross ambulances or UN observers after promising they would be safe,
or bombs a power station so that
more than ten
thousand tonnes of crude oil leaks into the Mediterranean
as a "collective
it is Israel.

It isn’t Muslims who
routinely employ
weapons such as phosphorus shells
to inflict
grave and
horrific injuries on
, and who
deliberately fire more than a
million cluster bomblets of which 40% fail to detonate on impact

90% are employed in the final three days before a ceasefire
so they can "get
them all in while the going is good"; it is Israel.

It isn’t a Muslim nation that holds the world record for

defying UN resolutions
; it is

It wasn’t Muslims who ganged up on a handicapped Jew for hiking on his own
land, beat him with clubs, dragged him along the ground, tied him to a power
pole and continued to beat and kick him as Muslim soldiers did nothing to stop
it and police merely advised the thugs to pour water on the victim’s head to
wash away the blood before journalists and  photographers arrived; it was a gang

four cowardly, bigoted Jewish settlers
who beat up a handicapped Palestinian
with impunity, basking in the knowledge that Jewish soldiers and police would
not act impartially, and even
returning a week
later to torment the neighbors
, ransacking their home and destroying their
few possessions.

It wasn’t Muslim soldiers who beat up and killed a Jew with clubs and rifle
butts and kicks to the head and then, after an ‘investigation’, concluded that
the soldiers had "acted properly"; it was
the Israeli "Defense"
Forces who smashed three holes in a Palestinian teenager’s skull
killing him
as he merely waited at a bus stop, continuing to beat him as he lay unconscious,
then made up a story about him "pulling a knife" and suggested that he was
"mentally unstable" in a case that is sadly

all too typical
of violence perpetrated by racist, bigoted right-wing

Jewish supremacists
upon those whom they perceive as "animals
in human form

It wasn’t Muslims who created a global organization named the "Anti
Defamation League" in order to defend Muslim criminals by playing the race card
and accusing their pursuers of being "racists" and "anti-Semites"
who were guilty of "hate crimes"; it
was Jews who set up the Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith in response to
the lynching of
Leo Frank
, president of the Atlanta chapter of the B’nai B’rith Jewish
secret society who had been convicted of murdering 13-year-old Mary Phagan who
worked at Frank’s pencil factory, with the lynching of Frank being in response
to the commuting of his death sentence to life imprisonment after organized
Jewry had tried to cast doubt on Frank’s conviction by shifting the blame to a
black man even though ritual
is a known
Jewish tradition
, the ADL being used thereafter to denounce anti-criminals as "anti-Semites"

the criminals happened to be Jews

It isn’t Muslims who, for political and financial gain,
demolished the
World Trade Center

and crashed
remote-controlled planes
into it in order to set up a hoax about "Jewish
kamikaze pilots" and then attempt to throw researchers off the scent by
pretending to "investigate" the demolitions whilst ‘accidentally’ plumping for

wrong hypothesis (e.g. H-bombs rather than thermite)
, and then stubbornly
refuse to change to a hypothesis that is
accordance with the evidence
; it is
Jews who set up a hoax about "Muslim
kamikaze pilots
" and have their deliberately misleading ‘work
about the demolitions hosted at sites that are

and edited


It wasn’t Muslims who practised pseudo-science by

refusing to look for Iron Blue at Auschwitz
explosives at the World Trade Center,
in order that their ‘investigation’ would come up with the required financially
and politically motivated result; it was

Jan Markiewicz, Wojciech Gubala, and Jerzy Labedz of the Jan Sehn Institute at
(Auschwitz fraud), and

"scientists" and "engineers"

(WTC fraud).

It wasn’t Muslims who took over the "investigation" of the World Trade Center
collapses when FEMA were

making a hash of
the cover up,

mixed up Figures 11-51 and 11-52
in NCSTAR1-9Vol2 on their WTC7 report which
was published two days after the mysterious death of eyewitness
whose testimony of explosions
in WTC7 before either Tower had collapsed  – note he specifically says
(4:43) "I
was trapped in there when both buildings came down
" –
blew their politically motivated
assumptions and conclusions apart, failed to spot their mistake in their
accompanying description,

assumed unrealistically high gas temperatures
in order to derive their
required unrealistically high steel temperatures, published a preposterous
of a "thermal-expansion"-based collapse with the logical conclusion that the
kip shear capacity of four bolts in a seated connection
would be exceeded if the
steel heated up from
20 C to 32 C making the force to completely resist the
thermal expansion
191 kip,
irrespective of the fact that no steel-framed high-rises had ever collapsed due to
"fires" or "impacts" apart from the three that allegedly did so on 9/11, claimed inward bowing of the WTC1 perimeter columns
between floors 94 to 100
peaking at 55 inches at column 316 on the 96th floor
which could not be reconciled with the fact that
the columns’ moment of inertia
or second moment of area was
at least 342 ins^4 along
the minor axis and a
maximum deflection of 55 inches given fixed – fixed boundary conditions and a
distributed load would have required the failure within 102 minutes of
at least
consecutive floors, many of which did not have any fireproofing ‘dislodged’
by a plane and did not even experience substantial fires; it was NIST, whose top
scientists and engineers have

extensive knowledge of nano-thermites
, but said
they had found "no evidence" of explosives at the WTC and later
admitted that
they had not bothered to look for any
. The 9/11 perpetrators had to ensure
those in charge of the "investigation" were aware of that which they must not

It wasn’t a Muslim who announced on Sunday September 16, 2001 that a
"hijacker’s passport" (allegedly that of Satam al Suqami) had been found
blocks from the ruins of the World Trade Center
", with other reports asserting that the passport was
found "in the vicinity of Vesey Street"; it was former Police Commissioner
Bernard Kerik who was indicted November 2007 on multiple counts including lying,
fraud and conspiracy, which is consistent with the fact that the laws of
aerodynamics dictate that
the passport should have been found in the vicinity of
Liberty Street
, the scriptwriter forgot that Suqami was supposed to be on
Flight AA11
approaching from the north, and, of several attempts made by the authorities to
guess where the passport should have been found, not one of them was correct!

It wasn’t Muslims who had JFK killed;
it was

It wasn’t Muslims who stole elections by exploiting electronic voting
machines that biased the results such that the odds for several swing states to
swing as much as they did from the exit polls was

250 million to one against
; it was George W. Bush.

It isn’t Muslims who exhibit traits of supremacist megalomaniacs by referring to their enemies as

"grasshoppers", "beasts", "crocodiles" and "cockroaches"
; it
is Jews

It wasn’t a Muslim who set up

a Ponzi scheme that netted $50 billion
; it was

a Jew


wasn’t Muslims
who made a record about doing "The
Wall Street Shuffle
" and whose other songs
included scatological references; it was Jews.

It isn’t Muslims who
rule the world by
proxy and get others to fight and die for them
in wars; it is Jews, whose
modus operandi is to

select rich host populations that will let them in
, pose as their "ally"
whilst draining them of
hard-earned wealth, employ
deception to
trick the hosts into fighting poorer nations, and reap
the spoils
of war
such as
Afghan opium
missing Pentagon funds,
looting of
oil-for-food funds
, etc, along with other opportunistic scams such as the
billion electronic run on the banks
. Note: some reports incorrectly state
Thursday September "15", 2008 for the latter; it should of course be September
11, the Thursday prior to September 15.

It isn’t Muslims who have been
expelled from countries on
numerous occasions
, it is Jews who
keep getting kicked out as
soon as the host gets wise to the fact that Jews’ only loyalty is
to their own
, rather than the host nation to whom Jews pose as an "ally". 

It wasn’t Muslims who started a World War in 1914 in the hope that they could
successfully launch a hoax about "six
" of their number being killed in order to obtain
their own
and net a substantial fraction of global wealth in "reparations",
failed, but also exploited the opportunity to
annex and loot Russia
and indulge in horrific
blood-letting and oppression
as a means of settling old scores with

the Rus who had chased them westwards from former Khazaria
; it was
Khazar (fake) ‘Jews’.

It wasn’t Muslims who
blew up Francois
Duprat’s car killing him and maiming his wife
, beat up
Dr. Robert
at least
in which his jaw was broken / teeth knocked out /
nearly killed
several times / hospitalized for weeks and was persecuted in legal battles and
had his home raided by police, tried to kill Ernst Zundel on at least three occasions in


pipe bomb
attacks and had
him and
Germar Rudolf
deported to
Germany and
, beat
Rieger unconscious and blew up his car
, beat up

David Cole and threatened to kill him and his family
, persecuted and
Joseph Burg, attacked
Frank Walus
seven times
and nearly killed him in an acid attack,
forced Ivan Lagace to
resign from his job as a crematory expert
after endless threats from
thugs claiming to be from the Jewish
Defense League
perpetrated numerous terrorist attacks in France including sulfuric acid sprayed into
faces / attacks with iron bars / baseball bats / gas sprayed / excrement strewn
around, had
historian David Irving spend 400 days in jail
before being released on
Appeal from

a three year sentence which was for two speeches and a newspaper interview he
gave 16 years earlier
, had Dr. Frederick Toben
jailed in Germany for ten
months for using his Australian website
to express his views, and who had dozens more
fined, and financially ruined by
character assassination and
legal battles; it was
attempting to prop up their idiosyncratic brand of "truth"
profited them
handsomely for decades

It wasn’t Muslims who fabricated
a hoax about "six
million" of their people being "murdered"
involving an
conspiracy theory
about a plot to exterminate them in "gas
" which netted them – by way of
a huge,
illegitimate land grab
– their own sovereign state, colossal profits in "reparations",
hundreds of billions of dollars in
foreign "aid" and
"loan guarantees"
waiving /
subsidizing of interest payments
, etc, and now
serves as their
"sword and shield"
to practice
and kill
and oppress
their enemies with impunity; it was

It wasn’t Muslims who were
red-handed forging fake "smoke" onto wartime photographs of Auschwitz
; it
was the Simon
Wiesenthal Center
, whose

suitability as guardians of truth
is comparable to a choice of Count Dracula
as a maintainer of blood banks.


isn’t Muslim
mathematics that holds that the sum of a set of variables a + b
+ c + d + e… remains constant, e.g. at "six
", when several variables fluctuate downwards by, say,

nearly three million

about half of that
, in the absence of any corresponding upwards revision; it is
financially and
politically motivated Jewish

It isn’t Muslim physics and chemistry that holds that corpses may be
rapidly and economically cremated
between a pound and a kilogram of coke per body when the firebricks of the
cremation ovens are
not even replaced after some 20,000 cremations
(which is rather like expecting a

to be capable of doing 100,000 miles non-stop at 100 mph on 100
gallons of gasoline and a couple of cans of motor oil); it is
politically and
financially motivated Jewish "physics" and Jewish "chemistry".

It wasn’t Muslims – or even the "Russian
" – who behave as if they authored
The Protocols of the
Learned Elders of Zion
; it is
International Jewry,
and if it hisses like a snake and

like a rattlesnake, it isn’t
exactly benign

It is not the "international Muslim" who has much to answer for; it is
the international Jew.

The mainstream media’s conspicuous silence over the
collapse of
the official
9/11 conspiracy theory
has clearly exposed them as "the dogs that didn’t bark".

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