Zionist Power in American Politics- part two

Bended Knees: Zionist Power in American Politics


Demystifying a Racial Doctrine:

big challenge for opponents of Judeo-Zionist hegemony is demystifying
its ideological bases. Zionists and their media camp followers always highlight
“Jewishness” and the disproportionate number of notable, successful
scientists and public figures with whom the Zionists self-identify
(even if the said individual have no identification with anything
remotely “Jewish” beyond some distant ancestry). In contrast, to
highlight the “Jewishness” (and Israel-centricity) of notorious
swindlers, spies, warmongers, gangsters, drug or arms traffickers is be
labeled anti-Semitic. Selective ethnic identity is crucial to maintaining and perpetuating the racist myth of Jewish superiority and the corollary of power and prestige, based on special meritorious qualities.
One of the key components of Zionist-Jewish ideology and Israeli power
is precisely the racist myth of the Jewish moral and intellectual
superiority – not the guns, money and backing of Washington and the
ZPC’s central location within the US elite social structure.

There are two options for those interested in demystifying Zionist-Jewish hegemony: One
could eliminate all ethnic labels or one could insist that labels be
applied to all individuals including the most nefarious, grotesque and

Despite cracks in the Zionist monolith and the emergence of public critics within and without the Jewish community,53 especially among young former Jews, who prefer to assimilate with their fellow-citizens (the passive majority), still up to a third of US Jews remain hard-core backers of the ZPC with Israel as their most enduring political loyalty. While not discounting the psychological gratifications, which accompany beliefs in a mythical biblical past, there are real material benefits to joining the Israel First Power Configuration. While it is true Zionists contribute
money and time to promoting the Israeli agenda, there are also powerful
material incentives, especially the benefits accruing from exclusive
identification and membership in a cohesive configuration, which
empowers its members, finances electoral campaigns and is
well-connected among political leaders, as well as financial, real
estate and insurance moguls. The spinoffs and payoffs for upwardly
mobile Zionist activists can be lucrative and career-enhancing.
Ambitious politicians, who measure up and toe the line, are likely to
tap into substantial funding and favorable media coverage. Networks,
which work for Israel, enhance Jewish-Zionist prestige while providing
emotional gratification and vicarious pleasure in sharing the thrill
of Israel’s bloody military victories and its forceful expansion of the
“fatherland”. Not a few careers have advanced through the “contacts”
made at the national and regional Zionist meetings. This is especially
the case for many, otherwise mediocre, political candidates facing
competitive elections. Active membership in a powerful Zionist
organization may protect the careers of lackluster, or even
incompetent, performers in some academic or professional settings where
the threat of a lawsuit charging anti-Semitism can ensure contract

racist ideology, with its implicit and explicit emphasis on Jews as
“special people” ordained by God, as well as the media’s bias toward
presenting a selectively positive ethno-religious identity,
provides symbolic gratification to lower middle class Jews, who sell
Israel bonds, write letters to politicians, heckle critics of the
Jewish state and march under the flag of Israel. They are likely to
play a role at the grassroots level in bullying family members,
neighbors and colleagues to join the cause or refrain from voicing
criticism of Israel. Recently, more than a few Seders have led to
family bust-ups over issues like the massacre of Palestinian civilians
in Gaza, the Goldstone Report and the Ben-ami Kadish spy episode.

success of the ZPC in projecting power and shaping US policy depends,
in large part, on the financial clout of its millionaire financiers,
its penetration of the state apparatus and the interlock of the
corporate-political directorate. However, equally important is the
grassroots work of hundreds of thousands of middle and lower middle
class activists. The effective exercise of power by the Zionist elites
is based on the vertical ties between the leaders and followers,
especially in mobilizing for Israel’s high priority campaigns
promoting dubious causes – like Israeli repudiation of moderate US
policies toward Jewish colonial settler expansion or calls for more restraint from
killing civilians in Palestine and elsewhere. It is highly unlikely
that any changes can be induced among the Zionist elite; but there are
reasons to believe that some sections of the rank and file can be
influenced by anti-Zionist Jews and non-Jews. This is especially true
at a time when Israeli political leaders have embraced such openly
ultra-rightist postures.

Zionist Hegemony is Vulnerable

developments encourage the hope that these vertical links can be
weakened. Over the past 5 years, numerous articles, books and videos
critical of Israel have broken through Zionist censorship. Equally
important, the emergence of new activist Jewish anti-Zionist
organizations and the vast increase in member organizations supporting
a boycott and divestment campaign against Israeli products, companies
and cultural institutions have broken the ZPC stranglehold on public
opinion.54 Faced with growing opposition in civil society the ZPC has escalated its repressive efforts to ban publication of critical authors, fire academics and savage journalists and politicians.55 Simultaneously a concerted effort has been made to encourage its ideological ‘attack dogs’ in academia suppress any
critical discussion of the issues that most discredit the Israeli
state, namely the recent Israeli massacres in Gaza, the brutal
expansion of settlements in the West Bank, the Goldstone Report on Israeli war crimes and Israel’s well-orchestrated push for war against Iran.56

Zionist Intellectuals: In Defense of Terror:

ZPC has long established a near stranglehold on the major media outlets
for opinion and analysis on the Middle East and especially on issues,
which Israel’s foreign office has given high priority. As a result Israel First academics and pundits monopolize the editorial and opinion pages of the Washington Post, the Murdoch chain, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, ­Newsweek, and other print outlets.57 The spread of Zionist extremism is evident in two recent feature articles published by Newsweek
(December 21, 2009), glorifying the neo-fascist head of the Israeli
secret police, Mossad, Meir Dagan for his success in assassinating
political adversaries in violation of national boundaries and his close
ties with US Treasury official and Zionist zealot Stuart Levey, who is
in charge of blackmailing Iran’s trade and investment partners, in
order to strangle the Iranian economy and impoverish seventy million of
its people. The Newsweek authors of these articles are
rightwing Israel and US Zionists. Notorious Zionist news anchors, like
Ted Koppel and Wolf Blitzer, parrot the Israeli-ZPC line in the major
media (Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, BBC) as well as secondary outlets
(National “Public” Radio).58
The result is self-styled “experts” of dubious loyalty to the America,
but with strong ties to Israel and Zionist propaganda institutes, grind
out opinion pieces which defend the Israeli regime’s most atrocious war
crimes and land grabs.59
Numerous professors from the most prestigious universities hack out
op-ed pieces defending Israel’s assault on Gaza, fabricating judicial
precedents, and citing “Just War” theory.60 Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, when confronted by near universal support for the Goldstone Report,
ordered the ZPC to denigrate Justice Goldstone, the basis and legality
of the Report and falsify its contents. When the extreme militarists,
like Netanyahu, passed the word to Israel’s mouthpieces in North
America, they unleashed the ZPC’s entire stable of academics,
journalists and propagandists. Over one hundred op-ed pieces in the
major media savaged the Report, slandered Goldstone and defended
Israeli terror attacks, which destroyed the entire human infrastructure
of the Gaza.61
No Israeli crime was too great to cause any Harvard, Yale, Princeton or
John Hopkins Zionist academic to rethink their bind subordination to
the Jewish state. They parroted Netanyahu’s line that the massacre over
one thousand civilians and the brutalization of hundreds of thousands
was an exercise of “Israel’s right to self-defense”. Few of the
Jewish and non-Jewish academics, who dared to criticize Israel’s
terrorist policy, cited the weakest section of the Goldstone Report
– its amalgamating Israel’s all-out terror bombing of Palestinian
neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, mosques and farms, with Hamas’
futile and ineffective retaliatory rockets falling mostly on empty
Israeli fields. Few if any raised their voices against the domestic
propaganda arm of Israeli war crimes – the Presidents of the 51 Major
Jewish American Organizations. Needless to say, with few domestic
critics willing to even identify their opponents, the ZPC secured over 90% of the US Congress in favor of Israel’s repudiations of the Goldstone Report, which they had never even read.62

is striking about the vast majority of Zionist academic apologists of
terrorism is their shoddy scholarship, their tendentious and illogical
arguments and de-contextualized analogies. Their ‘persuasiveness’ is
based on the fact that their ‘line’ is reinforced by the mass media and enforced
by the ZPC’s political thuggery and character assassination of
potential critics. Their repeated presence in the media gives the
appearance of legitimacy in defending violations of international law.
Their prestigious positions provide a veneer of expertise or knowledge
even as their research in the region is based on flawed premises,
including disproven religious legends and colonial mythology.63
As Zionist academics become more deeply involved in justifying the
expansionist Zionist claims, Israeli conquests and brutal militarism
there is an accompanying marked deterioration of intellectual
standards. Over time prestigious positions become linked with
mediocrity. Academic degrees, awards and badges of merit are harnessed
to hack writing and political hatchet jobs. Noted critics, who exempt
Israeli war crimes and terror, are still published by prestigious
publishers, despite their shabby intellectual output. Promotions and
academic chairs are secured by eminently distinguished apologists of
dubious morality. Their blind support and defense of the practices of a
terror state puts the lie to their claims to high ethical and scholarly

The American Zionist academic elite fits Adorno’s authoritarian personality: at the throat of the American polity and at the feet of the Israeli – ZPC elite.64
Arrogant posturing, angry polemics and emotional ejaculations cover up
for their lack of substantive arguments. Where bullying fails, soothing
rhetoric which speaks to values, dialogue and cooperation accompanies a
blind eye to the relentless Israeli uprooting of Arab residents from
Palestinian/Jerusalem. Princeton academics cite classical political
theorists in defense of gun-toting Jewish settlers who brutalize
shepherds, threaten school girls and up-root centuries-old Palestinian
olive groves.

The Globalization of Zionist Power

the Israeli fatherland to the nerve centers of Zionist power in the US,
using the experiences and drawing on the support of the ZPC, pro-Israel
influence has spread to important political institutions in England,
Canada, France, Netherlands, Russia and more recently South America. In
England, leaders and deputies from both the Conservative and Labor
party accept millions in campaign funds from billionaire Zionists, paid
junkets to Israel and other payoffs in exchange for supporting Israel’s
most egregious acts of violence in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank.65 Zionist front groups like the “Conservative Friends (flunkeys) of Israel” and “Labor Friends (flunkeys)
of Israel” ensure that the incumbent regimes and the opposition put
Israeli trade and militarist interests at the center of British Middle
East Policy.66

Canada under the Conservative Harper regime, Zionists have secured
unprecedented influence and diplomatic and material support for
Israel’s top priorities.67 These include support for the annexation of most of Palestinian East Jerusalem; repudiation of the Goldstone Report;
support for Israeli war crimes during the 2008/09 invasion of Gaza;
Israel’s invasion of Lebanon and pending legislations criminalizing
criticism of Zionism as “anti-Semitism” among a host of other
pro-Israel acts, decrees and trade privileges. The opposition Liberal
and New Democratic parties compete with the Conservatives in pandering
to the pro-Israel power configurations in order to secure campaign
financing from millionaire real estate, financial and media moguls. In
contrast, major Canadian trade unions and anti-Zionist Jewish campus
and community organizations have organized boycotts of Israeli goods
and academic organizations serving the bloody occupation. In France,
life-long Zionist zealot, Foreign Minister Bernard “Bernie” Kouchner,
has embraced Netanyahu’s extreme position of “unconditional
negotiations” which allows massive land seizures and the construction
of ‘Jews-only’ apartment complexes on illegally confiscated
Palestinian land to continue while endless inconsequential “peace”
negotiations take place.68 This position has been supported by Uber-Zionist Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Russia, eight of the top nine billionaire oligarchs have claimed dual
Israeli citizenship. They illegally and violently seized hundreds of
billions of dollars worth of formerly state-owned mines, factories and
banks, and then transferred part of their illicit fortunes to overseas
banks in Israel, the US, London and the money-laundering offshore
island states and tax-havens. Zionist power peaked during the debauched
Presidency of Yeltsin in the 1990’s, but residual influence is evident
in the Putin-Mevedev regime. This is particularly apparent in the US-
Russian accords to increase sanctions on Iran, a policy that
jeopardizes billions of dollars in Russian investments and trade with
Iran. Russia has resolutely refused to pressure Israel over its
colonial settlement expansion. In a similar manner, Israel retains a
decisive influence over Holland and Germany’s Middle East policy, via
the exploitation of the Holocaust Memory, the Ann Frank legacy and the
pressure of pro-Israel economic sectors.

newest example of the “globalization” of Zionist power and the drive
for new Israeli spheres of influence is found in Latin America. Major
US Zionist organizations have contributed substantial financial
resources to building, advising and orienting their counterparts,
especially in Argentina, Brazil and Peru, while engaging in a
systematic effort to curry favor with the US by demonizing President
Chavez for his forthright defense of Palestinian rights and
condemnation of Israel’s crimes against humanity during its blitz of
For these acts of courage the 51 US Jewish organizations branded Chavez
an “anti-Semitic”, even going so far as to accuse him of fomenting an assault on a Jewish community center in Caracas. When the arsonists were arrested, the assault was revealed to have been carried out by center employees hired by the local Jewish notables. 70

Zionism has targeted Argentina and Brazil. Argentinean Jews have a
history of ambiguous feelings toward the state of Israel and Zionism.
Early twentieth century Jews established farming and cattle ranches –
the legendary “Jewish Gauchos”– while urban artisans and working class
Jews were active in socialist, anarchist, communist and left wing
Yiddish organizations. The mid-century generation (1940-60) of
professionals, businesspeople, academics and bankers divided between
leftist anti-Zionists and Zionists. Both suffered attacks from the
pro-fascist sectors of the dominant mass-based populist Peronist
regime. The 1960’s to 1970’s saw a profound generational split –
characteristic of all Argentinean society – especially under the
military dictatorships of (1966 – 1973) and (1976 – 82). A significant
contingent of university-based students and professors, psychologists
and professionals of Jewish ancestry joined urban guerrillas and
radical mass movements and suffered “disproportionate” number of
deaths by torture and ‘disappearances’. During the worst years of
terror, the Israeli government retained relations with the bloodiest of
the military regimes (Videla, 1976), overlooking its anti-Semitic
proclivities in order to trade in arms and military technologies. At
the same time, Israel promoted Jewish immigration to Israel, securing
passage of Zionist and non-Zionist Jews to Israel.

decimation of the generation of young non-Zionist Argentine
revolutionaries of Jewish ancestry and the subsequent post-dictatorial
neo-liberal electoral regimes, saw the rise of new groups of wealthy
Argentine Zionist Jews who grew to dominate local community
organizations. They deepened ties with Israel and more recently
established extensive links with the US ZPC. Once again, however, under
the pro-Israel Menem regime (1980-90) anti-Semitic terrorists bombed a
major Jewish civic center killing and maiming scores of Jews in
downtown Buenos Aires. Investigations of police complicity were aborted
by the Menem regime. Israel ‘overlooked’ Menem’s “negligence” and
instead exploited Jewish fear to offer extremely favorable terms for
Argentine Jews to immigrate (including paid travel, subsidized housing
in the occupied territories – education, jobs etc.).71
The decline of leftwing activity during the1980’s and 1990’s was
accompanied by the de-radicalization of secular Jewish offspring,
especially in the professional classes. With de-industrialization,
Jews, who had formed the backbone of the previous progressive national
bourgeoisie, turned to emigration, finance, real estate and Zionism.72
The severe depression and financial crash of 2001 – 2002 led to the
mass impoverishment of all Argentines (poverty levels hit 50% in
December 2001 – 2002) including otherwise prosperous middle class Jews.73
They joined the popular mass neighborhood assemblies calling for the
return of their savings, the end of neo-liberal policies and
politicians and the restoration of their jobs.

subsequent economic recovery and commodity boom (2003 – 2008) led to a
sharp de-radicalization and the ascendance of Jewish Zionist bankers,
real estate and media moguls as principle leaders in the Argentine
community. Their influential role in business and the center-left
Kirchner regime led to a shift toward closer relations with the ZPC –
including increased efforts to include Israel as a member of the
regional integration treaty MERCOSUR.74
From the US side, the ZPC – especially the ADL and AIPAC, through their
servile Secretary of State Clinton and US Congressional clients,
fabricated an Islamic Iranian terrorist conspiracy in Latin America,
especially in the region of the Argentine-Brazilian – Paraguayan
frontier. On October 27, 2009, Zionist Congressman Elliot Engle, head
of the Subcommittee on Western Hemispheric Affairs of the Foreign
Relations Committee, opened hearings focusing on “Iran’s expanding
influence in Latin America”, calling new trade ties between Iran and
Brazil a threat to the region and the security of the US”.75

with the leftist regimes in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador opposed to
US and Israeli colonial wars and with Brazil and Argentina’s public
opposing Israel’s crimes in Gaza, Israel launched its US and Latin
American agents on a propaganda blitz to counter the overwhelming
public rejection of Israeli policies. President Shamir followed a
disastrous failed tour by thuggish Zio-fascist Foreign Minister
Lieberman, gaining trade and investment concessions in Brazil and
Shamir’s visit benefited especially through the contacts and leverage
of local millionaire and billionaire Zionist business leaders.
Nevertheless, Brazil, which has major trade and investment ties
especially in gas and oil with Iran, has no intention of pandering to
Israel.77 In Argentina, the Zionist connection continues to limit any major openings to the Arab-Iranian investments.

the Zionist offensive and expanding local power base has resulted in
mixed results: a major outflow of supporters in Venezuela and
diminished influence in Bolivia and Ecuador. In contrast, Zionists have
increased their influence in Brazil and Argentina.

enormous growth of Israeli power in Europe and the US, and the new
Zionist offensive in Latin America is part of the “globalization” of
Zionism. But the process is not linear. An especially hard sell
for overseas Zionists are the repeated horrendous massacres by Israeli
military forces, the blatant dispossession of Palestinians and the
aggressive militarism pushed by the ZPC and Israel in the Middle East
and South Asia. As a result, public hostility is growing world-wide;
and there is a profound disconnect between the 80% to 90% Israeli Jews
who defend Gaza war crimes and land seizures and the rest of the world.78 This is evidenced by the United Nations General Assembly vote on the Goldstone Report,
which was endorsed by an almost ten to one margin. Moreover, in the
case of the leftist regimes in Latin America, there is a significant
reversal of Zionist influence. There are equally important cracks in
the Zionist monolith among North American Jews and former Zionist
fellow travelers. The continued “failure of the nerve” or “intellectual
of the American left academics and their “Marxist” journals to even
discuss the role of the ZPC in making war policy has not stopped a
breakthrough of Zionist critics, even in some mass media outlets.

Jewish-Zionist Cultural-Political Hegemony in the US

Zionist hegemony over the political narrative in the US has grown in
recent years, evidenced by the support or, at most, tepid criticism,
found in the major literary and political journals and magazines.80
In the beginning the ZPC imposed their view that Israeli conquest and
wars against the native people of Palestine and its Muslim neighbors
was a war of “national liberation” or “independence”. This first phase
culminated with Jewish-Zionist success in convincing President Johnson
to cover up Israel’s bombing of the USS Liberty during the Seven Day
From the 1970-90 Zionist-Jewish hegemony extended from its traditional
bastion in the film, TV and radio mass media to a whole series of
former left-of-center and conservative weekly and monthly publications
and the establishment of new publications on the far right.82 The formerly liberal New Republic became a pulpit for virulent attacks on any critics of Israel.83 Commentary,
formerly a liberal cultural journal, became a mouthpiece for
neo-conservative apologists of Israeli wars … and war crimes …The
conservative National Review moved firmly into the ‘Israel
First’ camp, purging any critical dissent on Israel and its
unconditional supporters in the US. As Zionist hegemony in intellectual
and popular cultural print and mass media was established, committed
Israel-Firsters gained influential positions in US State Department and
foreign policy apparatus.84 “Think Tanks”, thinly veiled propaganda mills, produced pro-Israel position papers.85
Their staff elbowed their way into the mass media as “experts” and into
foreign policy advisory positions serving various politicians and
Administrations. They rose to the highest levels of government in the
Clinton Administration and expanded further during the Bush-Obama
Zionist entry into key positions of structural political power mirrored
their long march through the cultural institutions. Their influence was
reinforced by billionaire Jewish-Zionists’ contributions to established
think tanks, like the Brookings Institute, and to both political
parties. Contributions influenced the nominations and candidates for
office from local mayors to the Presidency of the United States.

It is estimated that as high as 60% of Democratic Party contributions came from Israel First
benefactors, securing an automatic 90% Congressional vote on whatever
issue the Israeli Foreign Office marks as priority for its US Fifth
With very rare exceptions neither liberal, progressive, radical or
“Marxist” writers, academics, editors, journalists broach the issue of
Zionist-Jewish cultural-political hegemony, nor its economic structural
The “left” is equally hegemonized by Zionist-Jewish influence, to the
point that not a few join the vile ad hominem chorus slandering critics
of the ZPC as “veering on anti-Semitism:…89

today, at the end of the first year of the Obama regime, the Zionist
presence in strategic positions in foreign policy making has been
ignored by leftist and liberal critics of US Middle East policy. Few,
if any critics, look at the structural determinants of that policy. One is more likely to find “data” in the business press. For example, an article in the Financial Times,
criticizing President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s
“inconsistent” position on Israeli settlements in Palestine’s West
Bank, points to the “…problems with the administrations message –
including its inconsistent policy on Israel-Palestine – can be traced
back to the White House, where Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (dual
Israeli-US citizen) keeps a firm grip on foreign policy. Some
ex-diplomats say they have never seen power so centralized … Mrs.
Clinton’s own deputy, Jim Steinberg, is widely perceived as a White
House enforcer, who polices even relatively minor policy statements
that often leaves State Department spokesmen (sic) mouthing near
meaningless talking points.”90
Emanuel has been active in the Israeli military and is suspected of
ties to its spy agency (MOSSAD). Steinberg is just a high powered
“native born” Israel Firster, marginalizing the State Department from
any alternative policies to pandering to Israel and its US Fifth Column.

American liberals and leftists maintain their “support” for Israel on
the basis of the fiction that the “bad” Israelis are the fanatical Likud
party leaders while Labor and Kadima party leaders and the Israeli
people want peace and a just settlement. Unfortunately for these
supporters of “progressive” Zionism, the Defense Minister Barak who
directed the bloody massacre in Gaza is the leader of the Labor Party
and is backed by his party in support of all the new aggressive Israeli
land seizures and colonial settlements. The genocidal wars and violent
settlements have the support of the vast majority of the
Israeli Jewish population. Public opinion polls carried out by the
Israel National News published in mid-November 2009 reveals that 53.2%
of Israeli’s say the solution to the conflict with the Palestinian
people is their forceful dispossession and ethnic cleansing –
“transfer” is the Zionist euphemism for a crime against humanity.91 Such are the “just wars” receiving unconditional support by the ‘51’ Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations.

point is that not even the Israeli-Jewish majority’s embrace of a
totalitarian final solution shakes Zionist hegemony in the US. The
embrace of inconvenient positions, such as genocide approval, is not
publicized in the Zionist mass media. Instead we continue to hear the
chattering classes mouthing the clichés of a “dialogue” and “negotiated
solution” between the expropriators and the dispossessed.

question of Zionist cultural and political hegemony, where it is even
been acknowledged by non-Jews and Jews, revolves around several
mistaken partially distorted conceptions. One key idea held by
anti-Semites and Zionists alike is that Jews possess special qualities
(“blood” or “genetic”). Many cite the importance of a Jewish historical
tradition, which emphasizes education and learning. Others still, claim
success and power comes from knowledge, merit and achievement. Recent
studies refute the idea of a special, unique Jewish “gene pool” – as
most contemporary Askanazi Jews are descendants of Central Asian
Khazari converts to Judaism in the 8th Century A.D., who subsequently were pushed into Eastern Europe by the Mongols and beyond.92
Israelis are not descendants of the ancient Jews of Israel, many of
whom converted to Christianity and later Islam and whose descendants
are most certainly the modern-day Palestinians (as conceded by early
Zionists myth-makers, like David Ben-Gurion).

for over one thousand years Jewish “scholarship” revolved around
sterile debates and exegeses of the minutiae of the Talmud and bodies
of law based on religious myths. Critical philosophers like Spinoza
were looked at as renegades. The rise of scholarship and scientific
thinking among Jews coincided with the growth of the Enlightenment and
the establishment of liberal laws, which opened doors for promising
Jewish scholars, scientists to break out of the sterile confines of the
Rabbinal intellectual ghettos. Many of the great thinkers were called
“Jews” because of their ancestry, like Spinoza, Karl Marx and Leon
Trotsky although they did not practice Judaism nor identify as “Jews”.
Recognition and success of Jews came from business and financial
activity as well as from occupations like money managers in the West
and overseers of feudal lords in Poland.93 A Jewish authored scholarly history of the Jewish people was not written till the 19th century and even then it treated biblical legends as fact.94

questionable is the notion that the rise of Jewish-Zionist hegemony is
a product of “merit” or “achievement”. But here we must distinguish
between the mass of Jews who occupy middle or lower middleclass
positions in society and those few individuals who have made major
contributions. Moreover it is important to not confuse the rise of
individuals to economic power through the exploitation of labor, the
extraction of rent from tenants and speculation and achievement through
“merit”, namely, skills applied to advancing knowledge for the greater
good of working people. Zionists’ “superior race” theorists lump
successful Wall Street speculators with innovative scholars as examples
of “Jewish superiority” justifying or “explaining” hegemony. Zionist
race theories, which claim a homogenous ‘Jewish’ people bound by common
history and horizontal and vertical ties, is more an ideological
manifesto ignoring profound class and even ideological divisions (at
least in the past and perhaps emerging today).

hegemony in the US is the result of a supra or meta-historical
mythology with mystical religious foundations in the Old Testament. The
rise of American Zionism is tied to a virulent exclusivist tribal
religious loyalty to Israel as the “mother state”. The driving force of
US Zionism is the subordination of US civil society
organizations and the instrumentalization of the US military and
economic resources to service Israeli colonial expansion and
projections of power in the Middle East.

needs to be understood is that the present subjection of our Middle
East policy to the Zionist Power Configuration is a result of the
latter’s accumulation of power and political-cultural conditions within
the US, which weakened the articulation of alternative values and
policies and a defense of American working class interests embodied in
a democratic foreign policy.

The Decline of US National Identity and Working Class Politics

The rise of Zionism, as a virulent form of tribal-religious identity linked to a foreign state and its successful exercise of hegemony
within US society, has been facilitated by the abdication by the US
ruling class ‘establishment’ of any ‘national’ identity and its interlocking economic ties with Zionist power brokers in strategic economic sectors.

“globalization” of US capitalism, the process of world wide empire
building, has shifted the focus of the US ruling class toward international
issues, as the center of its concerns, even as it intervenes in
domestic economic policies to secure state protection, subsidies and
bailouts, none which trespass on Zionist priorities. Going “global” and
the emergence of “global consciousness” has worked against challenging
the Zionist pursuit of the colonial agenda of the state of Israel. The
ZPC has filled a ‘power vacuum’ left by the ‘globalized elite’ and has
been able to instill and impose a Zionist conception of US “national interest” relatively uncontested.

rise of the Zionist business elites into the top echelon of investment
banking, financial institutions, real estate and insurance led to the
inter-mixing of Zionist and non-Zionist members of the ruling class, in
which one side had a deep and abiding political commitment to Israel,
while the other sector gave exclusive primacy to the accumulation of
wealth and guaranteeing that state economic policy ensured profits, a
deregulated financial sector and bank bailouts, policies which they
shared with their Zionist partners. Given the low salience of Israeli
politics, the non-Zionist sectors of the ruling class were not willing
or able to engage in a fight with their Zionist financial colleagues.95

there are divisions, both in government and within policy advisory
bodies, over Zionist control. As mentioned earlier, the 16 major
intelligence agencies issued a report on Iran’s nuclear program in late
2007, which debunked the Israeli-Zionist claims of an active Iranian
nuclear weapons program. Likewise a Pew Foundation Study of the
Council on Foreign Relations, taken between October 2 – November 16,
2009, found that over two-thirds of its members (67 percent) believe
the US favored Israel too much – yet the same percentages claimed Obama
is “striking the right balance” and “Iran is a major threat to US
interest”(Jeff Blankfort “What the US Elite Really Thinks About Israel”
Counterpunch 12/8/09). What is striking about these ‘dissident’
opinions within the policy elite is that they have had no impact on
Obama’s subservience to Israel on all major issues promoted by the ZPC.
Whatever the CFR “really thinks” has not “really” affected the power of
the ZPC to shape policy via its stooges in Congress and its assets in
State (Clinton) and Treasury (Stuart Levey). In other words, Zionist
power at the top is uncontested and free to work the lower echelons of
the political system and class structure for its own interest. This
includes the wholesale purchase of political parties and the retail
buyout of congressional politicians on key foreign policy committees.
The latter is facilitated by the success of the Israel First Political
Action committees (PAC) which promotes the selection of Zionist
Congress people to key committee posts. Four of the top fifteen
Congress people funded by Wall Street speculators are Zionists. Eleven
of the top fifteen are Democrats, who receive 60% of their
contributions from Zionist multi-millionaires in Los Angeles, New York,
and south Florida and other metropolitan centers.96

The political class,
party leaders, executive and congress people, have also eschewed
pro-American working class economic policies, endogenous growth and the
avoidance of foreign entanglements (interventionism). The political
class – particularly its dominant sector – favors military driven
empire building – undermining any popular democratic definition of
‘national interest’. Moreover, the military nature of empire building resonates
with the Zionist-Israeli projection of regional military power and
hegemony. Military-driven imperialism weakens any effort to develop
alternative US overseas economic interests and policies, especially
with Moslem and Middle East oil countries, to counter Israeli-Zionist
policies designed to privilege Israeli military expansion and colonial

the majority of the US ruling class has surrendered to the Zionist
definitions of US Middle East policy, and facilitated the rise of
Zionist hegemony, the decline of the values embedded in working class
solidarity and defense of republican virtues and interests has opened
the door for the minority of Zionist cadres to influence mass culture
and civil society organizations and divert American trade union pension
funds to Israeli investments with no opposition. For decades,
predominantly Afro-American and Hispanic female workers in garments,
textiles and related activities have been members of trade unions run
by Zionist functionaries, who channeled hundreds of millions of member
pension funds and dues into purchasing Israel bonds, rather than
building co-operative housing as was done previously when the union
workers were mostly Jews. Many current (minority) leaders of trade
unions and Afro-Hispanic ethnic organizations have been co-opted by the
ZPC though junkets to Israel and subject to propaganda campaigns
promoting Israeli interests. In universities, municipal politics,
professional associations, Israel Firsters operate to stifle
any debate, let alone criticism, of Israeli war crimes. Zionists in
America are the most pernicious force eliminating debate on American
democratic foreign policy options in the Middle East and favoring
unconditional submission to Israel. Millions of individuals, who may
question the “Israel First” option, are frightened, intimidated
and/or unwilling to face the onslaught of organized, zealous
Zionist-Jewish notables, who can and will influence their employers and
jeopardize their jobs and promotions.

Conclusion: Alternatives to Zionist Hegemony

other countries, especially where independent class conscious trade
unions, autonomous and organized anti-Zionist professional and academic
groups exist, Zionist power in civil society is contested, challenged
and its heinous blackballing of critics is weakened. Where
internationalist movements are strong, as in support for Palestinian
resistance to Israeli colonialism, the local ZPC has not been able to
use their economic power and media ownership to impose their hegemony
over civil society. This is especially true in those locales where the
international solidarity movement is active in impacting society.

there are pockets of international solidarity among some universities
and trade unions in the US, especially the dock and warehouse workers
in San Francisco, the major potential counterweight to Zionist Israel
First hegemony in the US would be in a revival of patriotic working class consciousness.
America’s “special relation” with Israel has been at an enormous cost
to the working class, amounting to over $1.5 trillion dollars in
foreign aid, loan guarantees, hijacked technological innovations, lost
overseas investment opportunities, not to mention the wars on Israel’s
behalf and the lost lives in fighting Israel’s war in Iraq. There is a
‘material base’ for a mass patriotic working people’s revolt against
the crass submission of the entire political class to the ZPC and its
patrons in Tel-Aviv. But today tens of millions of Americans are
disillusioned with “patriotic” appeals, whose purpose is to promote
imperial wars (including ironically wars for Israel) at the expense of
their living standards. Right wing pro-capitalist politicians use
patriotic rhetoric to deflect attention from the domestic failures of
capitalism and the massive transfers of wealth to Goldman-Sachs and
other Wall Street speculators. The devaluation of “patriotism” is evident in the right wing’s perverse manipulation of ‘nationalism’
to turn native born workers against immigrant workers, instead of
against the ZPC’s costly pro-Israel agenda. This, in turn, hinders the
growth of a national popular movement against the Wall Street
speculators at home and the wars for Israel and Empire abroad.

What is striking about the lack
of mass based movements against Wall Street is the fact that literally
less than 5% of the population even trusts the financial sector. A vast
outpouring of letters and protests denounced Obama’s initial bank
bailout plan, forcing a temporary postponement. Unorganized mass
resentment persists and is smoldering, waiting for effective popular

Likewise, family and relatives of the Zionist power configuration, in and out of the government, who promote
US wars for Israel in the Middle East, are rarely to be found in the
Armed Forces, least of all at the frontlines (or for that matter in any
war zone). If we exclude non-Zionist Jews – mostly immigrants from the
former Eastern Bloc and USSR – the figure would be one-thirtieth of one
percent. It is a biting irony that more American Zionists are more
eager to join the Israeli ‘Defense’ Forces than to put on an American
uniform. Yet Zionists in public office, in the Pentagon, executive
branch and the White House, who design and promote war policies and
military-driven sanctions, are in the forefront of shedding American
working class lives, especially now when jobless American workers,
including many minorities, are forced to seek employment in the
military. A soldier’s anti-war movement could be organized and
energized under the banner: “A Zionist war is a not the American workers’ fight” if the left and pacifists were not so beholden to their Jewish colleagues ‘sensibilities”. The anti-war leaders have been reluctant to raise the issue of the Zionist/ Israeli influence in promoting US war policies.

patriotic solidarity is weak at the top and bottom, lacking any
meaningful recall of our anti-colonial, anti-slavery, anti-imperialist
and anti-fascist identity. In contrast, the Zionist fifth column
is driven by a powerful mythological-tribal race-driven identity, which
in some cases is religious driven and in others embedded in a
deep-rooted secular sense of racial superiority.

hegemony, embedded in a Zion-centric cultural universe, has not been
challenged by Anglo-America’s flaccid intellectuals. Their intellectual
cowardice is covered by a thin veneer of “cosmopolitan” impotence.
Their pusillanimous silence and even complicity is intended to ‘protect the sensitivities’
of their Zionist colleagues regarding any forthright critique of
Zionist power in America. Only a revived working class movement, which
recovers its historical memory of class solidarity and inspires the
popular imagination with an independent American republic free from
foreign dictates, will be able to displace Zionist hegemony and Wall
Street pillage.97

study raises several central questions that need to be addressed by
Americans concerned about Zionist power and hegemony over public debate
regarding US wars for Israel in the Middle East.

Can we oppose Israeli war crimes and expansion and US government support of Israel by confronting the ZPC?

Can we open a debate on US, Middle East policy by fighting Zionist authoritarianism, witch hunts and hate crimes?

we discuss and propose a democratic foreign policy, which opposes
military intervention, sanctions and economic blockades, by tackling
American militarists and Israel’s foreign agents?

If we answer in the affirmative, what can be done?

What practical measures can be pursued and supported?

We can educate the American public about the Obama regime’s charade – of talking peace to the American people while supporting
the Israeli war machine; of talking about an evenhanded Middle East
policy while appointing committed Zionists to top policy positions.

can demand the Justice Department enforce the Foreign Agents
Registration Act toward the ‘51 Presidents of Major American Jewish
Organizations’ and especially AIPAC.

We should oppose all dual citizens’ appointments to key policymaking posts.

We should demand that Undersecretary of Treasury and Israel Firster
Stuart Levey be investigated and prosecuted for gross malfeasance of
office for his refusal to investigate the illegal billion-dollar money
laundering operations by US Zionists in the funding of illegal Jewish
settlements in the West Bank and for his promotion of economic
sanctions against trade with Iran, which have cost US workers thousands
of jobs and the crippled US economy billions of dollars in lost trade.

should oppose military and economic aid to Israel, especially when the
average per capita income of Israeli’s exceeds that of 40% of Americans.

should demand the end of trade privileges for Israel in light of the
US’ multi-billion dollars trade deficit with Israel, which has
destroyed tens of thousands of American jobs in industry and services.

should combat widespread Zionist hate propaganda, organized and
publicized by the ZPC, against Muslin Americans and Arab American,
their cultural foundations and charities.

should demystify Zionist claims that the Jews’ ancestral homeland is
Israel, rather then North Africa and Central Asia, and that there is no
historic basis for the Right of Return.

should support the class and popular struggle against finance, real
estate and insurance billionaires (Wall Street) for their pillage of
the American economy and exploitation of American workers and for their
corruption of American politicians to serve their interests and US and Israeli war aims.

Note: James Petras’ last book, Global Depression and Regional Wars (Atlanta, Clarity Press, 2009) is the third in a series, including Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power (Atlanta, Clarity Press 2008) and The Power of Israel in the United States (Atlanta, Clarity Press 2006), analyzing the influence of militarism and Zionism in American foreign policy.


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