Is that Child Abuse?

  • In occupied Palestine; Jewish-“Israeli” kids have fun in the army museum: 


  • In Denver, Jewish-American Kindergarten play flying “off to the army base”:

QUOTE:  “Eretz Yisrael sheli yaffa v’gam porachat!” — My land of Israel is beautiful and blossoming!

 “My land of Israel is beautiful and blossoming!
Who built it and who cultivated it?
All of us together!
 I built a house in the land of Israel.
 So now I have a land and I have a house in the land of Israel!” 


  • In Occupied Palestine, Jewish-“Israeli” kids are brainwashed with hasbara teaching (the art of propaganda and lies) while adults find it humourous:

  • In occupied Palestine, Jewish Orthodox kids are allowed to study ONLY Torah and Talmud, no other subject is allowed:


  •  In occupied Palestine, Jewish-“Israeli” girls are harassed for not dressing modestly:


  • In occupied Palestine, Jewish-“Israeli” kids are tortured in order to “teach” them:

QUOTE: “Orthodox rabbi Elior Chen Noam only followed the rules talmudic Judaism
taught by the great halachic authority – the Vilna Gaon in his famous
“Even Shleima” 6:1-2.

in 0:39
the reporter says “..They were made to eat feces and were kept locked
in a suitcase for days at a time…” Here again, Rabbi Chen seems to
have applied talmudic dictum upon those Jewish kids, as we read in
Tractate Eruvin 21b: כל המלעיג על דברי חכמים נידון בצואה רותחת
(translation): “Anyone who mocks at the words of the sages (the rabbis,
of course), his punishment is in boiling feces.” END QUOTE

  •  In occupied Palestine, Jewish-“Israeli” youngsters are trained to become gangsters and sharp-shooters through  GADNA (Heb. גַּדְנַ״ע; abbr. for גְּדוּדֵי
    נֹעַר, Gedudei No’ar; “Youth Corps”):

  • Jewish-“Israeli” children are taught to mock other people’s faiths on TV:

 The examples presented are just a tiny
portion of the sinister yet ubiquitous reality of “Jewish-Zionist
Education”. It would be more accurate to call it “Militant
Indoctrination”, or even “Treason Course”, since children are
indoctrinated to enlist in an Army foreign to their country, and even
allegiance to this foreign country, from early childhood on.
Irrefutably, treason and militarism are not exactly to the best
interest of a child, or a society, and certainly not of Peace. Thus
what is presented arguably represents a grave form of child

But there is worse. The USA has established an Education Day, which is to commemorate every year the 
birthday of Chabad Rebbe Menachem Schneerson
the sinister
representative of a fanatical, racist supremacism, which has inserted
itself in politics, to become a pivotal force in the sector of
Education, whereby schools, universities and media in the USA and
worldwide, are operating like a filter, to extract Jewish children
and (mis)guide them toward the sphere of influence of such racist
Talmudist fanatics.

With occurrences such as this,
exposing such indoctrination of Jewish children is an acute urgency,
because these children will be alienated from their normal
development, and instead been thrust into a life in which gun-toting,
uniform-wearing, child-killing racism and sense of being exclusively
Jewish, instead of being part of humanity. The world has seen enough,
through wars, conquests and genocides, that militarism and racism are
ominously detrimental to mankind both on an individual as on the
common level. Absurd nationalist projects, moreover if such project
makes the ludicrous claim to be based on religion, have lead to WW1,
WW2, and I for one am horrified to see the specter of WW3, driven by
psychopathic lunatics who indoctrinate children to treason and

13 Responses

  1. While I agree that it’s really crucial that chlldren come to see themselves as a part of humanity rather than as a member of a single ethnic or national group, some of the clips seem to be taken out of context and distorted through a particular lens. It is not unusual for members of minority groups in the United States to understand themselves as having dual identities and as people with two or more homelands. The fact that my grandfather told us about “the old country” every night did not diminish my family’s sense of also being American. Similarly, my Japanese-American boyfriend in high school who was regularly admonished to “remember you are Japanese” saw no contradiction between that and applying to the US Air Force academy or planning a career as an officer. American Jewish children are unlikely to see any reason to choose between an ancestral homeland, which Palestine is (for better or for worse) and a present-day home. (And by Palestine, I mean the larger geographic region that encompasses both of the political entities currently there).

    At the same time, harassment of girls for not dressing sufficiently modestly is a problem in many conservative nations–not just Israel.

    I think there’s a larger picture being presented here that’s being missed.


    • While I totally agree with you that attachment to the native/original Homeland is normal, Palestine is NOT the Homeland of the Jews, they only claimed it to be at the expense of ethnic cleansing and slow genocide of the native Palestinians.

      Furthermore, while it is also normal for minority groups to have their own schools to teach their language, culture and history of their native Homeland, what we have here is the teaching of:

      (1) the glorification of violence through Militarization
      (2) superiority and elitism through the concept of the “chosen” and their “unique/divine Jewish soul”
      (3) the need to be segregated and separated from the rest of mankind
      (4) hate to Arabs and Muslims by presenting them as the “enemy”, the “uncivilized”.
      (5) encourage and facilitate their serving in foreign army


      • Can you explain why you say Palestine isn’t the Jewish homeland?

        There is quite abundant archaeological evidence that Jews have been present in Palestine for as long as there have been Jews, but the idea of a homeland is in fact a psychological construct. People’s emotional attachment to a place is an important reality. It’s also one that is unlikely to change and needs to be accepted and dealt with as it is.

        It is not, on the other hand, inevitable that seeing a place as your homeland translate into genocide or even intolerance of other people living in that region.


        • Having emotional/ spiritual attachment to a place doe NOT entitle the THEFT/ ROBBERY of that place, since Palestine has already its own indigenous people who tended the land for millennial.

          What right has a Russian, American Ethiopian, Indian, German, British, Moroccan, Chinese…etc Jew, what right does he/she have to claim the ownership of a faraway land which is already OWNED by other native people????

          Can Roman Catholics the world over, claim ownership of Rome, invaded it, slaughter the native Italians and/or expel them, simply because they have spiritual attachment to Rome??

          What would we do with all the progress humans have made throughout the ages, trying to achieve living in peace and harmony with each other, by establishing legal systems that protect the rights of individuals and nation, by prohibiting WARS of AGGRESSION and CONQUEST?

          Are we back to the stone age where if I like it, I kill and take it?

          What barbarity, immorality and lack of peace and security would such mindset and behaviour create?


        • There are more that seven million Palestinian refugee now, the largest number of refugees in our present time.


          NONE is allowed to practice that basic human right

          Yet, the so called “law of return” allows ANY Jew, from any part of the world, from any ethnicity and any nationality who has never been to Palestine, neither any of their ancestors, to claim citizenship in our STOLEN Homeland.

          If rational and decent people fail to see this as insane, illegal, immoral and inhumane, I don’t know what is?


          • I see it as being a deeply complex problem. You should understand that most of the world agrees with you and wants you to be able to return. Whatever rhetoric you are hearing about the position of Westerners on Palestine, most ordinary people believe you have the right to live there without fear or persecution.

            Israel’s “right of return” is causing enormous problems for Israel, as the infrastructure is clearly being overtaxed by immigration. But it’s difficult to start turning people away for a number of reasons, one of them being the long and horrific history of anti-Semitism globally.


            • The Jewish peoples of “Israel” who came under the banner of Zionism were NOT peaceful immigrant, they are supremacist predators and violent occupiers.

              What is worse an occupier who has proven to be incapable of gradual humanization and pacific integration in his new environment. In other words, the Jewish-Israeli occupier of Palestine has not gained any right, not created the legal and human framework which would have naturally evolved toward integration and unification with the indigenous population. Destruction of biblical villages, destruction of environment, annihilation of a whole indigenous people by means of insane, sociopathic cruelty, breach of every Law in the books, breach of every acceptable standard of human cohabitation, does not create the natural conditions to slowly integrate within a foreign land. Therefor, the Jewish occupiers never had, and never gained the right to anything in Palestine, and certainly not the right to decide the fate of Palestinians.

              The catastrophic fiasco that is Palestine’s occupation, is punctuated by an endless string of ambiguous agreements and statements, which are the individual keys used to enable systemic land-grab and conduct slow genocidal attacks against the indigenous population, while hypnotizing the international public opinion to nod in acceptance for “facts on the ground”

              Whomever Jewish citizens of “Israel” who has committed murder, torture, harassment, theft, broke the bones of children, who like almost all of them have “served” 2 years in the “most moral army in the world”, will have one day face justice and be prosecuted fairly, according to international standard, so that in the future state of Palestine domestic security and ethics can be established.

              The ENTIRE land and property confiscated by the occupiers over the past six decades will have to be restored to its rightful owners.

              For me as a Palestinian as it ought to be for anyone who cares for Justice and Peace, the idea that there would be a “right” for some people to keep land and property acquired by military conquest and ethnic cleansing of genocidal proportion, is not only a regressive monstrosity, but it is also in full contravention with a set of laws emerged precisely out of WW2, and in full contradiction with any sense of moral principles.

              How can non-repentant terrorists occupiers who refuse to leave the people they terrorized in peace, who persist in keeping the loot and who advocate the perpetuation of the hideous alien zionist occupation pretend to stand on any moral ground, and have any form of credibility for future “coexisting”?

              Treating robbers and serial killer by rewarding him with “rights” including the “right” to keep stolen land and property, instead of dragging them to Courts of Justice is facilitating and justifying FUTURE WARS OF AGGRESSION AND CONQUEST, followed by colonial settlements and genocide against peaceful indigenous population.

              This is nothing less than celebrating barbarity, rewarding criminality and obliteration of the very essence of human morality which mankind had worked hard to foster its progress over millennial.

              Forced marriages with rapists are unethical and inhumane.

              Our future can NOT be materialized with chaining ourselves as slaves to the self appointed “Chosen”, “masters”, “warlords”, “Jewish elite”, “bankers” and “financiers”. This is called suicide by enslavement. We see it happening all around us in the “civilised”, “democratic” and “capitalistic” (or should I say “Cabbalistic”?) world, at the hands of the same “elite”.

              When those who incessantly declaim the words “Holocaust never again” justify such lopsided views which lay the ground for future wars and genocide, the contradiction and hypocrisy becomes staggering!

              How can they even use the word “forgiveness” while the crimes are ongoing?

              There are all reasons to ascertain that a Palestinian Judicial system will treat fairly whomever can prove innocence, for example by vouchers stating individuals having NOT engaged in Crimes against Palestinians or destruction of property, such vouchers being established by Palestinians who were his/her neighbor, colleagues etc, said individual wouldl then be able to apply for Palestinian citizenship, and go through due process, clearances etc.

              The same is valid of course for any ex-Israeli Jew who can prove that he was deployed in any IDF unit or other state agency who was engaged in acts against Palestinians and property. Etc.

              Equally, and in accordance to international standards, ALL those who have verifiably engaged, or whose military unit at the time of their service, was engaged in crimes against Palestinians, will be given a fair trial, and it will be to the Palestinian Judicial system to decide whether to sentence them, to deport them, or whatever. After all enough ex-israeli prisons will be available once the Palestinian political prisoners and children prisoners will be liberated. Such particular legal procedure pertaining to crimes and immigration-integration, is technically and legally feasible.



              • I originally commented on your blog with the intention of creating dialogue, as I think you bring up an important issue. Dialogue is not what seems to be happening, as your replies don’t seem to be responses to my comments. As a non-Israeli, non-Jew with problems of my own at home, I will go back to minding my own business and leave you to sort it out.


            • Israel’s “right of return” is causing enormous problems for Israel, as the infrastructure is clearly being overtaxed by immigration. But it’s difficult to start turning people away for a number of reasons, one of them being the long and horrific history of anti-Semitism globally

              I am puzzled, not by the lies spewed out here, but by the fact that there are still people who believe this garbage can be pushed much longer without the truth coming to hit down the road, like a terrible blowback.

              The “long and horrific history of anti-semitism globally” is one such lines. May be someone could point out to me WHERE, in which part of the world, this alleged “anti-semitism” as survived WW2??? Probably the only benefit of WW2 was precisely the quasi disappearance of Anti-Semitism, Jews have thrived and prospered, in any country included Germany or the USA, after WW2, and that would be great, had they not engaged into becoming themselves worse than what the alleged Anti-Semitism represented, namely Zionists and their supporters are currently driven by a form of anti-goyim racism that is shocking to any humanist, and what is worse, many, if not most, of Judeo-centric organizations are peddling racist and religious hatred, against Muslms, and have fomented wars of annihilation against them. This is the current shocking reality.

              As to “Israel’s right of return” as this highly deluded person puts it, i leave it as is, for anyone to judge, since my ancestors a couple of centuries were Swedish, if i have a Right of Return to Sweden, and if Swedish people got to die and run away, to make place for me…. How idiotic.

              But make no mistake, in the name of such idiocy, Palestinians suffer slow genocide since over six decades, pregnant mothers are killed by Jewish Israelis with US provided weapons, the Holy Land of Palestine’s 90 % of biblical villages have been destroyed, wiped from the earth, by these Jewish hordes of uncivilized terrorists who, despite their claim, have no culture to show for, except loot, taken throughout history here and there, and most of it recently, stolen from Palestinians.

              Shame on anyone who supports this gory 19th Century racist nationalist experiment.

              Whomever studied History, knows what comes down the road, for such exclusivist entty, and their inability to adapt.

              They have no future, for the simple reason that the roots they claim, are not theirs, and they have been unable to integrate within the Holy Land. Good Riddance.


    • @ ashanam

      for once I will not stay silent, and undoubtedly, with me a loud clamor slowly rises amidst Americans, and even Jewish Americans, who are sick and tired with the type of sleazy dishonesty, or is it intellectual incompetence, probably both, people like “ashanam” who believe to be chosen to slobber everywhere in our name. This sort of dishonesty is incompatible with dialogue, and not surprisingly has brought havoc to the larger human tribe, has sown hatred and wars, eviscerated entire economies, and brought the collapse of the USA, just because of a late 19th Century racist project, that made the ludicrous claim that Judaism was an ethnic concept, and not a religion, and what is worse that this primal fallacy warranted a National Jewish Project !

      No and no, enough of that. The world is waking up and rejecting this bloody garbage with growing violence, and if this violence will be just proportionate, I fear for Zionists and their treasonous collaborators.

      Your first comment already is revealing:
      some of the clips seem to be taken out of context and distorted through a particular lens
      Out of context, distorted, particular lens?
      Contrary to the Zionist occupiers and their endless lies, Palestinians have no need to project things out of context, after all they are surrounded by “Facts on the Ground”, aren’t they. What is more, these facts are by now well studied, and no amount of whitewashing is sufficient to minimize their gory reality. So don’t come and tell a Palestinian what is, and what is not, the gory context of an occupation and a slow genocide.
      How can you distort the historiography inscribed in a videographic document, when it is not manipulated. Are the clips presented perhaps distorted horizontally, vertically?

      As per the rest of the sentence “through a particular lens, when one considers that this ashanam makes her point by (mis)presenting her own Americano-centric examples, is it not rather her who sees everything through her American lens? If we take into consideration the gross ignorance of Americans, of geography and History, this “ashanam” starred and striped lens, is rather funny.

      Further: “The fact that my grandfather told us about “the old country” every night did not diminish my family’s sense of also being American “ To compare the honorable sentiments of immigrants who chose to integrate into the USA, with treasonous pro-Zionist Jews who campaign day in day out in favor of a foreign country, is an odious insult to every immigrant to the USA, first, second or third generation. I take personally issue with that sleazy contention, especially given the fact that our own Intelligence Services are unanimous, “Israel” is a liability for the USA, an entity that can be considered enemy to US interests, which is obvious.

      But even more outrageous: Similarly, my Japanese-American boyfriend in high school who was regularly admonished to “remember you are Japanese” saw no contradiction between that and applying to the US Air Force academy or planning a career as an officer How dare you compare our compatriots with Japanese ethnic origins, who incidentally during WW2 were imprisoned for their ethnicity, and who nevertheless go and serve our country, how dare you compare them to US Jewish Americans who are traitors to their country, as they engage in a FOREIGN army, and at that an army that commits genocide and egregious crimes against humanity, an army who has eviscerated our defense by fomenting wars highly detrimental to our country. Those Jewish traitors have inserted themselves at the core of the power apparatus, take the example of a sinister racist supremacist, Rahm Emanuel, who enlisted in the IDF instead of serving what you describe as his “ present day home ” Even if your contention of “ ancestral homeland ” were correct, which it is not, since when do contemporary people fight for “ancestral homelands” ?? Are you deranged, or just dishonest ???

      Not surprisingly, the bulk of your comment is a whole fallacy from A to Z, and in this case the Z reads as this: “ American Jewish children are unlikely to see any reason to choose between an ancestral homeland, which Palestine is (for better or for worse) and a present-day home. “ What??? Where do you live, in LaLaLand?? The lie is so gross, that it can only be stated through sleazy dishonesty, and not ignorance. Indeed, everyone even remotely interested in Middle East topics and US Domestic and Foreign Policy, is aware how ubiquitous and vehement are the Zio-pundits and their associated Judeo-centric networks, in advocating, even luring Jews to leave the USA to “make Aliyah”, -even children as shown by this Palestinians’ short article and the factual documents she presents, are lured to become traitors, and emulate Mister Pollard who by spying has set back the defense system of our country by 25 years. Notwithstanding the fact that numerous Jewish criminals escape by emigrating to “Israel”, or psychpathic murder-lust driven nutcases who you then see roaming Palesine with automatic guns, uprooting biblical Olive Groves, and destroying archeological artifacts because they don’t just fit their Talmudic comic-book version of Jewish legends.

      I think there’s a larger picture being presented here that’s being missed. says our Luminary du Jour, a-shamane. As we have seen, your ability to comprehend facts, and put them in context, is so skewed, that you sure would not see the “larger picture” even if it were in front of you. Which it is, right here in this little poetry blog, which I, being a Historian, follow with great curiosity, and have yet to default in its analysis, which I find amazing.


  2. Dear Ashanam

    I am extremely surprised at your response. All my explanations above were direct responses to your questions, however, it appears that I was giving the “wrong answer” which contradicts yours and does not fit exactly in your pre-cut model.

    I was giving a Palestinian perspective that you don’t normally hear from MSM, hence you decided to cut off the discussion.

    I have no problem with that, and I wish you success in whatever you do and pray for your “home problems” to be solved and healed, whatever they are.
    Best wishes


  3. Can you explain why you say Palestine isn’t the Jewish homeland?

    There is quite abundant archaeological evidence…..

    This is where I stopped reading this person’s comment, as her standpoint is pure main stream Zionist narrative, in other words, garbage. As it happens Oriental Archeology was my domain of expertise, and the claim of “abundant archeological evidence the Israelis and Zionist make, is not corroborated by facts.

    What is corroborated by hard facts though, is the contemporaneous, ongoing destruction of archeological and Historic World Heritage, in Palestine, by foreign Jews who have no ethnic nor historic, and certainly not cultural link to the land of Palestine whatsoever, from whatever perspective you study the question.


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