In Palestine, Something Miraculous Happens

By Nahida- Exiled Palestinian


In Palestine 

Terror reigns
Psychopaths claim dominance
and a “G-d given right to rob, kill and maim
In Palestine
Terror reigns
Smiles … wiped of innocent faces
 Little girls weep
Little boys butchered
Babies are slain
In Palestine
Terror reigns
Criminals are the law
They bomb, they shoot, they smite
With mini-nukes they wipe life out
In Palestine
Terror reigns
Without “lamp-shades”, bodies mutilated
Without “cremationovens”, toddlers charcoaled 
Without “gas-chambers”, Tiny tots… exterminated
In Palestine
Terror reigns
Aggressors crowned with victim-hood”
Their victims… “anti-Semites”, “filled with hate” !
They murder then cry
Sneer as they lie
They twist and deceive, innocence they proclaim
 Apart from themselves, Everyone to blame
In Palestine
Primary colours no longer three
 Red and green, black and white
Freedom painted red… Love is green
Sacrifice and faith black and white
In Palestine
 Out of the ashes humanity rises tall
 Resilience leaves you you speechless
Courage takes your breath away

and in contrast 

Bottomless cowardice

As never seen before

In Palestine
Something miraculous happens
 The more people die
The more hope is born!
Hope… Astounding
 Bequest of the Divine
Seen in every face 
Written with every name

15 Responses

  1. I thought I’d used up my quota of tears for today, but this proved me wrong.


  2. Any casualties sustained in Gaza are wholly on the heads of the Hamas savages, who not only target innocent Israeli civilians and instigated this conflict but use their own civilians as human shields for PR purposes. Only when the Hamas terrorists and the deplorable people who support them (many of whom reside on websites like this) value the lives of their own people more than they value the taking of Jewish life, there will be peace. G-d bless Israel and the United States, Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama!


    • Och Aye – Oy Vey- if you say!


    • Finally someone else says it Zionist. Palestine started the conflict ages ago and now that they have declared war on each others borders people in palestine are mad that people are dying but as soon as Israel pulls their paladins and ceases artillery fire and bombings to attempt to go back to normal someone else from hamas or other palestinians launches more MLRS or mortars into israel.. or kidnap people from Israel.. the list goes on and on. Both sides are killing each other, just because one side has more casualties it makes people say they are massacring them. Even the article above from BBC states 3 israelis killed and 13 palestinians. Would it somehow be ok if both sides lost 13 people? If your going to hate, hate them both.


  3. Dearest Nahida, I was so moved by your poem, it inspired me to write this poem after I read yours:

    Colours of Resistance

    She took green from grass
    Black from the earth
    Red from clay
    And white from lilies of the valley;
    Her mouth covered by the colours,
    Mute, she no longer speaks;
    Her eyes chanting:
    Palestine will never die
    It will only multiply


    • Genie;
      Your words are beautiful. Don’t give up, the times they are a changing. The world is at last waking up to the undeniable truth; it knows and sees (still to this day) the abominable cruelty and betrayal of the Palestinian people by the British Government’s arrogant and now infamous Balfour Declaration, for which it should hang its head in shame, but it wont. Unfortunately, it doesn’t know the meaning of the word. 2013 will see the beginning of the end for the psychopathic state of israhell. There are higher powers in this world than it. Time’s up.

      Take heart. The dead and broken bodies of those precious children are held safe in the arms of Mother Earth. Nothing can ever hurt them again. Their shining souls are as bright as they ever were and with us forever. God Bless


      • Dearest Mhara Costello
        You speak the truth “The world is at last waking up to the undeniable truth“.
        But as we know, every new birth comes with excruciating pain.

        I pray for humanity;

        I pray for strength to persevere
        I pray for courage to withstand
        I pray for endurance to persist
        I pray for all to hold on and to stay human


    • A better link!



      Just like you beautiful soul dearest Genie

      May you be blessed by the Most Gracious Most merciful.


  4. […] Photo: posted at the Website “Poetry for Palestine“ […]


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