Gaza Speaks

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian


I would love to write poetry about love,

Paint rainbows and butterflies,

Roll in a meadow

Enchanted with rosebud scent

Run down the hills with open arms

Embrace the Earth

Inhale the Sky

But… How can I?
How can I?
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I would love to to dance for love,

Spin with jubilant nightingales

Swept off my feet

Twirl and sway

Besotted, entranced

As I sing a lullaby

I would love to fly

Roam the cosmos before I die

* * *

But how can I?

How can I?

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I would love to sing for love

Flung open the gates of my soul

Invite the world in

Tuck it all under my wings

Rock back and forth

Caress its wounds

Whisper “I love you” in its ear

See it heal

Before my eyes

* * *

But how can I?

How can I?

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I would love to close my eyes and see children smiling

Tell them stories of lily-like fairies in faraway lands

No guns pointing at their heads

Not of bullets shrieking or missiles exploding

No blood, no tears, no prison bars, no sighs


How can I?

How can I?

How can I?

How can I?

There is a dagger in my heart

I am hurting


I bleed

I cringe

I cry


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I am being slaughtered

Under your watchful eyes

I am cold… cold…. cold

I cringe

I cry

Humanity, where are you?

Why do you turn your face away?

Why do you keep looking the other way?

I am here


In Palestine alleyways

Humanity, where are you?

Look at me

See me

I am here


Fading away

In Gaza’s alleyways

I cringe

I cry


Enough turning the other way !

Turning a deaf ear

Turning a blind eye


While I,

and oh ! My poor children


34 Responses

  1. Omg. This is so emotional and heartbreaking. It could literally bring anyone with a conscious to tears. How can anyone turn a blind eye?
    May God bless the people of Gaza. Long live Palestine…


    • Thank you starrynightiaa, Palestine is humanity’s open wound, until it heals humanity will stay agonizing, fervor-struck and bed-ridden


    • “anyone with a conscience”- except there is no one in isra-hel who possesses one. Or even knows what one is.


      • Actually, there are many Israelis with a conscience who are against all this, peace activists, soldiers refusing orders, people manifesting in the streets. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is shy about showing them.


        • Does it not occur to you that EVERY “israeli” is a colonizer who lives on STOLEN LANDS?

          75% of Palestinians are refugees, forbidden to RETURN BACK to their homes, properties, orchards and Homeland, because their homes, properties, orchards and Homeland are OCCUPIED by foreigners who came from all over the world, who have NO LINKS to Palestine whatsoever.

          They stole the land of our ancestors and forefathers under the claim that some few thousands years back in history, some people who followed their religion have lived there, and apparently secured a contract with God affirming the eternal ownership of this land

          How dare they give themselves these abhorrent privileges of taking over someone’s home and homeland just because they belong to a particular faith?

          What does an American Jew, a Russian Jew, an African Jew, a Japanese Jew, an Indian Jew or a German Jew has anything to do with the Land of Palestine?

          Our problem with them is not a “conflict” between two warring parties, who are similarly wrong and equally guilty as they shamelessly often describe… NO… NO… NO

          The problem is one of aggression, oppression, colonization, theft, and occupation on their side, and one of being oppressed, exploited, and occupied on our side.

          It’s one is of a crime of theft of an entire country and the ethnic cleansing of an entire nation by foreigners on the one hand and a displaced and dominated population indigenous population on the other.

          It’s one of a CRIMINAL THIEF and a DISPOSSESSED VICTIM.

          Have those “peace-loving israelis” ever questioned the morality of their actions as multinationals who gave themselves the liberty to come to our homeland -which I am denied the right to live in- take it over by violence and bloodshed, then settle there on the ruins of the villages you’ve annihilated, dwelling in the homes of some dispossessed Palestinians, for no other justifications than the dominance of their Jewishness and the fact that we are not Jews?

          Does that not smell of rotten racism, arrogance and supremacy to their clogged-up conscience?

          Those people have destroyed our culture, denied our existence as human beings, treated us for four generation with sheer cruelty, ruthlessness and contempt, and subjugated us to inconceivable savagery and humiliation, and denied us even the right to defend ourselves on our stolen Palestine under the pretext of “terrorism”.

          The only crime that our people committed is that they existed on the land of their ancestors which they proclaimed as a “God given-right to Jews”.



          • Hundreds of thousands of them were born there, second, third and even fourth generation – they didn’t choose to live there, no more than anyone chooses to be born anywhere as a member of any ethnic or religious group. They have no connection to any other country or nationality. The land does not belong to humans, humans belong to the land where they were born. We do not take “our” land with us when we die. The whole earth “belongs” to all living things. I am the first to defend Palestinians, but also to defend all innocent Israelis – and they are a great many. So long as people remain in an “us and them” and “mine” mentality, there cannot be peace for anyone. Hatred begets hatred. I come from a people whose lands were “stolen” too – I am the child of refugees. I do not lay claim to the land whence they came, I am a child of the Earth. Thus, I am at peace.


          • Anyway, we are all Africans, every single one of us. Africa is where humanity was born. Religious and ethnic differences should be a source of mutual celebration, not of mutual hatred and killings.


        • Yes, you are right. Just maybe not enough.


  2. Moving poem, Nahida.
    Soul scars, soul murder, heart shock, mind numbing because the pain is too great to bear, deep disappointment in humanity at the ostrich response, betrayed by governments who condone and excuse this massacre and genocide, etc.
    These are some of my personal responses to this madness ‘israel’ is acting out of: certifiable lunatics – a danger to themselves and others, beyond words – the devil’s minions.
    And yet, the way to Liberation and Freedom in Palestine is: Strength and Resistance.
    So I force myself to be strong and not allow zionist murder incorporated to define and choose my emotions and mindset for me: I will not allow them to destroy my state of mind into a collapsed heap, which did happen initially, this time round: last time, during “Operation Cast Lead”, I was totally destroyed the entire time and for a long time afterwards. I vowed that the terror entity ‘israel’, would not be allowed to destroy me again.


    • You are absolutely right dear Genie. The one thing they can never have any control over, no matter how much control they exercise, is our SOULS. Palestinians have developed and internalized strategies to overcome the horrors they have been facing for decades now. Faith helps a great deal.

      Be strong my friend, their evil will NOT last much longer. With every day that passes, the day of our Liberation gets a day closer.

      Prayer and best wishes to you and those you hold dear in your heart.


      • Thank you for your prayers and best wishes, dearest Nahida.
        The same to you and yours.

        Your comment: “The one thing they can never have any control over, no matter how much control they exercise, is our SOULS.”, birthed this poem within me:


        when awe of life’s
        breathless beauty
        is missing, the soul
        becomes numb
        to its luminous glory;
        leaving an opening
        to violence –
        within and without,
        leading to
        spiritual bankruptcy.

        when awe of life’s
        breathless beauty
        is missing, others
        suffer from actions
        of the devil’s minions –
        doing the bidding of their master;
        dressed as an angel of light,
        roaring his minions
        are chosen people –
        army of the spiritually bankrupt.

        when awe of life’s
        breathless beauty
        is missing, “otherness”,
        morphs into racism, and
        hatred of the “other”,
        creating a false belief
        in entitlements and power
        over the “other”, dividing
        the fabric of interconnectedness:
        definition of spiritual bankruptcy.

        when awe of life’s
        breathless beauty
        is missing, the earth
        weeps tears of blood,
        oozing from corpses
        in agony’s torture chamber;
        victims of the chosen peoples’
        delusional notion, that humanity
        is not one people:
        spiritual bankruptcy.

        when awe of life’s
        breathless beauty
        is missing, arise!
        defend the victims
        of the deceiver’s minions;
        cut the root! don’t just
        hack at the branches!
        uproot the sick, infected tree–
        restore awe and beauty:
        stop spiritual bankruptcy.


  3. This is so painful. I have been stabbed in my heart by thousand of daggers. These children are my children and my brothers and sisters, I share their blood,their pain is mine, and so many parts of me have died because they have been massacred or hurt.


  4. Locations of Hamas Leaders Identified during Qatari Emir’s Recent Visit to Gaza:

    TEHRAN (FNA)- The residence and offices of a number of Hamas leaders were identified during the recent visit to the Gaza Strip by Qatar’s King Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and later targeted by Israeli missile and bomb attacks, informed sources disclosed.

    The emir of Qatar gifted a number of watches and ballpoint pens to Hamas leaders, which transmitted low-frequency signals to Israeli satellites, the sources, who asked to remain unnamed due to the sensitivity of the information, told FNA, adding that the Israeli military officials would then use the received signals to spot and assassinate senior Hamas officials.

    Sheikh Hamad arrived in Gaza on October 23 to become the first head of state to visit the besieged enclave since the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, took power in the territory five years ago.

    Qatar’s emir has repeatedly met with Israeli leaders, and is working hard to boost the diplomatic clout of his small Persian Gulf country.

    The Israeli military frequently carries out airstrikes and other attacks on Gaza Strip.

    The new wave of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has claimed more than 41 lives since November 14. Ahmed al-Ja’abari, the popular and influential head of the Hamas military wing, the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, was assassinated in an Israeli attack on his car on Wednesday.

    On Friday, Ahmed Abu Jalal, a field commander of the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, was also killed in an Israeli airstrike on the central Gaza district of Maghazi.


  5. Dear Nahida,
    I sent the following message on Sunday to your gmail id. I don’t know whether you saw it. There was no response. In the meanwhile, today, Namasthe Telangana, a Telugu daily newspaper has published my translation.

    Dear Nahida,
    No words to share the grief and tears. Your poem speaks volumes about the inhumanity of the world. At least this should be posted on all the websites and groups and printed in all the newspapers in all the languages. For my part, I am translating this into my mother tongue, Telugu, a south Indian language and trying to put it in a newspaper. We shall overcome. Be brave and optimistic. People will rise and win against this inhuman perpetrators of violence. Palestine will win. Palestine must win.

    N Venugopal, Journalist, Hyderabad


  6. Humanity, where are you?

    If I knew, I would tell you and those two-legged creatures calling themselves humans!

    Basheer Ahmad


  7. The Cost of ‘Israe’l:


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