Qur’an through the eyes of an outsider

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  1. There is no such thing as an AGNOSTIC Jew, Christian or Muslim!

    YAHVEH or JEHOVAH are fabrications! Only the educated Muslim Arab speaking people do (should) understand what the 4 letters YHWH really mean! The meaning is given in the Holy Qur’aan.

    Yes, the Arabic Qur’aan has a mesmerising effect on millions of people, Muslims and non Muslims alike. But, modern colonised Arabs speak mostly broken Arabic and do not give a damn about Classical Arabic!

    It is said to see millions of Christians (and in particular Evangelicals) and non Muslims alike peddling that 72 virgins crap, including my esteemed ‘friend’ Dr Kent Hovind!

    Great clip. Thanks.



  2. I’ve seen this video a few times before and every time I watch it, I notice how many times she keeps saying she is a Jew. Who cares?
    The topic is: The Holy Qur’an, not her Ashkenazi identification – it’s irrelevant to her talk.


    • Love

      I have seen it myself many times and for her, it is relevant. She said she is an AGNOSTIC, which means she cannot be Jewish (religion) unless she means she is a Jewish idiot!

      In 2013, who can be an agnostic in these matters?

      But, does it really matter if she is “Jewish” or not?



      • Yes, that is absolutely true: an Agnostic cannot by definition be a Jew, however, “Jewish identity” has nothing to do with religion, usually.
        It’s a tribal, supremacist ideology that seems to be the first thing these Ashkenazi “Jews” say: is, “I’m Jewish”, and then they addd things like “Agnostic”, “against the occupation”, etc.

        Of course it matters that she adds the part about being a “Jew”, because it diverts attention to “Jewishness” [holocaust(tm)], ‘israel’, etc. and takes the focus off the topic: The Holy Qu’ran.


        • Lesley Hazleton is a trained psychologist or her “gnosticism” or “agnosticism” has little relevance here as it is just a tool of inquiry and not part of the inquiry itself. I do not agree with her use of terms like fundamentalist, extremist, Islamist or that the fundamentalists stereotype Islam as a violent religion (which is not true) or arguing that the Holy Qur’ân is just a re-telling, reconfirmation or renewal of the previous Jewish and Christian scriptures often “misquoted”.

          Regarding her talk at the Young Muslim Association’s annual Birth of the Holy Prophet [s] Celebration held in 2011, the main reason for her talk was to inform us that she was going on a journey to produce a Biography of Muhammad for the sake of the non Muslims with a personal sense of perception, understanding, reverence and deep respect for the man. Her journey was to find out and feel the man who she could not feel while reading the other biographies in English.
          The best and most charitable way is to listen to her entire talk on the Holy Qur’ân and then write a comprehensive response without any malice with the aim to help others in understanding. Fanatics, what Lesley Hazelton wrongly call fundamentalists, will not understand as their minds have stop working and they are overflowing with blind faith, and they are not religious but rather “anti-religion”. The spirit of the law does not count for them. Having said that, there is no such thing as Islamic or “Islamist” fundamentalism as this is a term borrowed from the western propaganda machine.

          What we need to know is whether Lesley is a Zionist or not and the reason why she put so much emphasis on Muslim “radical fundamentalism”, the “Wahhabi regime”, the “Hamas Salafis of Ghazzah”, or the “misogynistic and anti-Semitic Tahrirists”. In short, is she a wolf in sheep’s clothing?


          P.S. Muslims and non Muslims alike tend to forget that almost or more than half of the Holy Qur’ân is addressed to the Children of Isra’il.


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