Redemption: A Challenge to World Jewry


To expose the absurd and unrealistic nature of the “one-state with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians”, and to extract one of the main perils it encapsulates, I would mention here mainly three facts.

These facts have the double merit of being crystal clear, and also of being based on fundamental pillars of civilization, i.e. time-tested. I would suggest that they become fundamental guidelines for any further proposition:

Firstly: To allow mass-murderers, land-thieves, ideological supremacists, destroyers of Cultural Heritage to keep the loot, is ethically unacceptable. Worse still, in our era of post-Nuremberg Principles of International Law, and post-Geneva Conventions, this would represent a perilous turn backwards of the wheel of history, by re-allowing and even justifying land acquisition by means of military conquest and terrorism, down to GENOCIDE and democide.

Secondly: To force or coerce victims of slow genocide, -ongoing since seven decades, to live with their rapists and murderers of their children, is ruthless, inhumane, and also an incentive for the perpetrators to perpetuate said crimes, even increase their insane cruelty.

Thirdly: to bring to the fore the notion of “equal rights” when the parties concerned are one of dispossessed victims, and the other one of serial killers and supremacists, it constitutes an oxymoron which itself is nothing else than sabotage of the very foundation of Justice.

To sabotage foundational elements of human cohabitation, is downright perilous for mankind, and yet this is what is promoted by people under the ominously fake pretext of “peace”!

A Peace that justifies past massacres and promotes future massacres, is not Peace.

Enough is enough !


Those guilty, -individually and collectively of perpetrating horrendous crimes and atrocities in Palestine and beyond for over seven decades,-without ever facing justice, and those internationally complicit by sustaining the aggressor and occupying entity “Israel”, must get accustomed to the oncoming tsunami of lawful calls for Justice. They must also be forewarned, that there is no escape route left. After all they had seven decades of opportunity to abandon their terror methods, during which their integration into the peaceful Palestinian culture, as Jews, would have still been possible.It must be reminded that before the Jewish-Zionist invasions, Muslim majority and Christian and Jewish minorities lived harmoniously together; they all were Palestinians, irrespective of religion.

Now, having failed in every sense, for the bloodthirsty invaders and their even worse offspring, Justice is at the corner.

After over seventy years of Jewish-Zionist terrorism, of bloody history, of deception, lies, land robbery, ethnic cleansing, and slow genocide, we now observe offspring of the initial terrorists, trying to sweet talk Palestinians, with the obvious intention to facilitate a final take-over of the very few areas of Palestine yet not conquered entirely, albeit occupied. Their method of deception is a rather thin varnish of “Peace” and “humanism”, under which the same supremacist ideology lingers, with the same lust after power like flies over red meat. Anyone who deals with that surreptitious re-branding long enough, and with a modicum of sane skepticism, will rapidly discover that their nebulous “one state” never was intentioned as, and never will be, a realistic solution.

The list of reasons, one more practical and evident than the next one, as to why the small and historically Arab country Palestine, can not accommodate such masses of rabid foreigners, is too long to enumerate here in full. Let’s just keep in mind that millions upon millions of Palestinians living in forced exile around the world since over 5 decades (since 1967), respectively over 7 decades (since 1948 and before), are for most of them longing to return to their home, the home of their ancestors since centuries and millennia, and commence to heal the abominable wounds to the land the rabid Jewish-Zionists inflicted to this historic World Heritage.

It is crucial that our friends and supporters reflect upon the meaning of JUSTICE in the context of a history saturated with War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

Justice is NOT revenge.

Justice is an imperative step to stop further crimes, assorted with unconditional restitution, reparation and compensation to be payed by the perpetrators and their accomplices, to the victims and their descendants.

As mentioned before, these inherently violent and arguably bloodthirsty criminals and vicious land grabbers, have had a full century (since the beginning of the first Jewish-Zionist invasion) to learn to coexist peacefully. Instead, they have only learned how to genocide, culturecide, democide, torture, use WMD, terrorize, destroy biblical archeological heritage, and on and on…

Enough is enough !

Participating in absolving individuals guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and other ongoing crimes since over seven decades, and whitewashing these Crimes, by simply claiming “Israel” is a mere apartheid which can be “fixed” with some pressure and with “Israel” annexing the West Bank and Gaza, and by granting Palestinians “Israeli” citizenship to “upgrade” their status from “occupied” to “slaves” in their own Homeland, and demanding nothing but marginal improvement of the treatment of Palestinians, is a betrayal to all things human and moral.

“Israelis” live on stolen Palestinian lands, in homes stolen from Palestinians, in architecturally abominable settlements which are destroying the biblical landscape Palestinians had shaped since millennia. It was called the “Holy Land” before the invasion of hordes of Jewish-Zionist terrorists, most of them Ashkenazic Jews with strictly no historic link, and NO common culture with Palestine and the Middle East. These Jewish-Zionist barbarians have uprooted millions of centuries-old olive trees, destroyed hundreds (over 90%) of biblical villages, and are selling agricultural and industrial products grown and produced on stolen land. Everyday, more hundreds of “dunums” of Palestinian land are “confiscated” or simply taken over at gunpoint, by Jewish “Israeli” terrorists, from Palestinian owners.

We should ask ourselves why is it, that so many deem it difficult to comprehend that all stolen land, all stolen property, all usurped goods and profits, must be returned to its rightful owners, let alone reparation and compensation paid whenever restitution is not possible any more, and for decades of suffering and deprivation endured by the legitimate owners of property and rights?

Where is the logic, when Jews on one hand request to this day restitution of property confiscated (and sometimes sold) during the Nazi regime, and yet they turn around and pretend that restitution of what they took from others is “not realistic”, and even “anti-Semitic”!

What is it that blinds public opinion? I would opine that main cause of this manipulation of public opinion, is due to the control of mass-medias and entertainment, as well as the corruption of polity and politicians, by Jewish-Zionist networks of influence, systematically depriving the public of the key information necessary to make informed democratic decisions. Together with me, more and more analysts come to the same conclusion. Mass medias and politicians have lost the trust of the public, hence truth begins to impose itself.

As far as the vast majority of Palestinians are concerned, our aim is to re-create a racism-free, supremacy-free, exploitation-free Holy Land.  Meaning, our aim is the FULL LIBERATION of Palestine.

We should hope that one day soon, racist and supremacists would take their racism, immorality, inhumanity and hate away from the land they have wounded and defiled for that long. We also suggest that Jewish supporters who hope to regain some degree of dignity and credibility, better soon than late, take their responsibility by helping us achieve our highly moral goal. It would be time for them to relinquish, once and for all, any further attempt of legitimisation and the finalisation of the Zionist project. It would also be time to stop protecting “Israel’s” interest by defending Jewish “Israelis” self-claimed “right” to remain in Palestine and to keep the loot.

Still, myriads of Jewish Foundations which fundraises enormous sums, in the billions, from international Jewish communities, to finance either overtly or covertly the destruction of Palestine, the genocide, the destruction of cultural heritage, imprisonment and torture of children, etc, etc. The Jewish National Fund for example is one of these accomplices instrumental in the destruction of Biblical Palestinian villages and constructing “Israeli-only” colonies, and commission of other crimes, since more than a century.

Wouldn’t it be time for Jews around the planet, to begin to reverse the steam?

Wouldn’t it be time for Jews around the planet, to begin to restore a modicum of respectability, instead of being its own nemesis?

Wouldn’t it be time for Jews around the planet to begin to participate in restorative causes, rather then unwittingly cover up crimes? (it is preferable to be a Moser, than abettor, accomplice or accessory of mass-murder)


27 million- Fundraising by Friends of IDF

For these reasons, we hereby challenge specifically Jewish organizations and individuals, to create a new Jewish fund, in an effort to begin the lengthy and inescapable Restitution, Reparation and Compensation process, that will inevitably ensue the 7 decades long and ongoing Jewish Crimes against the land of Palestine and its indigenous people.

We suggest the fund being raised and collected exclusively from Jewish donors, being unambiguously destined and allocated solely toward Restitution, Reparation and Compensation , and being associated with agreement of every donor, to support the Full and Unconditional Liberation, Restitution, Reparation and Compensation for the Palestinians.

Our proposal means peace in the long term, with down the road a sort of restoration of the status-pro-ante, ie. Peaceful cohabitation between Palestinian Muslims, Christians and Jews, providing these citizens of Palestine respect Palestinian Law, do not engage in terrorism or treasonous activities, and for what concern those ex-Israelis who wish to remain in Palestine, that they could demonstrate to a special commission, their innocence from any oppressive or repressive or murderous activity by the then defunct “Israel”.

Our proposal represents a strict minimum our Jewish supporters should engage into because the crimes are committed in their names and with the support of the majority of world Jewry, by people who have usurped  Palestine and attempted to destroy Palestinian peoplehood, in the name of their Jewishness. If Jewish self-claimed supporters of Palestine truly object to such crimes, then they have no better option, than to launch a campaign similar, -but radically opposed to the Jewish National Fund type.


Just buying a few homes here and there, or just another Jewish self-promotional white-wash agency, altogether called “support”, won’t be enough. What we need to see are Jewish supporters proving through practical and meaningful acts that they are willing to put their weight against what is still a majority of Zionist Jews, and develop a segment influential enough amongst their Jewish communities, to make significant paradigm shifts, and to raise the billions necessary to at first buy back Palestinian property, and secondly transfer this to the rightful Palestinian owners.

Instead of fundraising for Jewish “israeli” groups such as IHCAD, Windows for Peace, B’Tselem, Machsomwatch.. etc, which are generally anti-zionist only at the surface, become a “future leader” of the already inevitable reversed flow, that will restore Justice and bring Peace, and see the multitude of Palestinians in forced exile, back to their ancestral Homeland, unifying with their Palestinian compatriots who survived, heroically, 7 decades of terrorism.

Our challenge to world Jewry is to, simply: COUNTER BALANCE Rothschild.

Are they up for the challenge?

Friends of IDF

39 Responses

  1. Hi Nahida! I heartily send you and yours Season’s Greetings. As you know, my site, ‘One Democratic State,’ hasn’t changed its name in 13 years, and yes, the proposed flag for the new state is still at the top of the page.

    On the other hand, I am emotionally and intellectually completely in agreement with what you’ve written here. My argument, such as it is, is that is makes good tactical political sense to continue to advocate for the One State Solution.

    If and when this becomes generally accepted as a viable alternative in the world arena, I will happily switch horses and start insisting on the ‘Algerian solution’ – one that would make it extremely difficult for any Jews or their descendents – other than those who were living in Palestine prior to about 1860 – to remain there.

    This is not only a matter of justice, but as we have seen elsewhere, even a 1% Jewish minority can be very hazardous to your health.

    Best wishes,
    Roger Tucker
    One Democratic State

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    • Dear Roger
      It is heartening and uplifting to hear that you have come to that conclusion.

      You have the intellectual integrity and the human sensitivity and honesty to acknowledge truth when encountering it, and this so beautiful and admirable

      I salute you, my dear friend

      “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.”

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      • You manifest sumud with an admirable ferocity, the same one-pointed, uncompromising love that a mother needs to protect her children when they are in harm’s way. That is exactly what it will take to overcome the tribal Jewish hammerlock over the Empire. Keep on keeping on!

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    • “1% Jewish minority can be very hazardous to your health” is anti Jewish (Anti Semitic) and plays into the hands of the Zionists. Please don’t speak in the name of people who support a secular democratic Palestinian state. Read Mazin Qumsiyeh and Ali Abunimah books and while you at it read my article: “Don’t Ask Palestinians If They Recognize Israel”


      • I would like to hear your opinion Hanna, in regards to the challenge I posed above.

        In my view, it is a realistic non-violent solution which has the potential to set everyone free and solve the century old crime of rape of Palestine.

        It is a solution which can right the wrong, restores justice, brings peace, compensate the wronged, and even enrich the Jewish-Zionist settlers by buying what they have initially stolen, and currently occupy, thus this solution offers the remedy for healing of the Holy Land and its people, once and for all.


        • I am for a Secular Palestinian state on all historic Palestine. I support all forms of resistance to the Zionist colonialist project. I don’t call for a reconciliation tribunal as in South Africa, I believe everyone is responsible for their own actions and should pay the price for them if they commit crimes or war crimes. I don’t believe in guilt by association and definitely I don’t believe in collective punishment. I call for restoration of all Palestinian human and national rights including property rights and the right of return. I call for recognizing the rights of Jews in Palestine “the vast majority of Israeli Jews (60% of them are ethnically Arabs) are now native to historic Palestine (Israel/Palestine). At least three generations of Israeli Jews were born on the land since the original sin of 1947/48. They should not carry the guilt of their Zionist settler parents who committed the original sin and the initial ethnic cleansing of Palestine, but they are responsible for their own actions.” from “Don’t Ask Palestinians If They Recognize Israel”
          I hope this will explain where I stand from your challenge.


          • I’m broadly in agreement with Hanna Kawas.

            Roger Tucker states: “I will happily switch horses and start insisting on the ‘Algerian solution’ – one that would make it extremely difficult for any Jews or their descendents – other than those who were living in Palestine prior to about 1860 – to remain there”

            This statement amounts to an apalling account of intellectual error.

            This largely idealized past of 1860 – how will you get there? Obviously the only way for this to work is to be exclusionary towards Jews living in the present-day state of Israel. Amounting to a form of collective punishment and stigmatization of Jews for their crimes of “rape” – Nahida you are also being totally uncritical of any possible racist or nationalist consequences of these kind of ideas. Stop treating Israel/Palestine as a zero-sum game, and start thinking critically.

            @Padbogue on Twitter


            • to @Padbogue on Twitter

              “This statement amounts to an apalling account of intellectual error.””

              I have no idea what you’re referring to – you make no attempt to support your statement. And what do you mean by “This largely idealized past of 1860”? I’m just identifying the period when the immigration of East European Jews started, generally idealistic agrarian socialists.

              But where your silly comment really starts getting confused is when you characterize my suggestion as “a form of collective punishment and stigmatization of Jews,” which is classical projection so typical of Zionist apologists – more often by the right-wing zealots, but also common among the “progressive” gatekeepers. Where your remarks then confirm this observation – in spades – is “Nahida you are also being totally uncritical of any possible racist or nationalist consequences of these kind of ideas.” Wow, talk about the knee-jerk habit of projection! What we are dealing with is exactly that, the “racist or nationalist consequences” of Zionism. To cap it all off, it is the Israelis who treat “Israel/Palestine as a zero-sum game.” That is the crux of the problem. As for “thinking critically,” you’re not even in the ballpark.

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      • Hi Hanna – Why is it anti-Jewish to point out a fact, any fact? This goes to the root of the problem. Identity politics – particularly of the tribal Jewish variety – is not interested in facts, rather it holds the prerogatives of the group supreme over any other considerations. And it follows that inconvenient facts are considered out of bounds. Read anything written by the left-wing gatekeepers and you will see this borne out. You wouldn’t happen to be one of those would you?


        • The fact is: generalizing and stereotyping any group of people is racist, period. Unfortunately I can’t tell if you are a real person or an agent provocateur. If anyone wants to know about my political positions or about my CONCRETE support work for Palestine and human rights in general, please Google my real name: Hanna Kawas


  2. […] Posted on January 1, 2014 by Nahida Exiled Palestinian […]


  3. Dear Nahida, How can we help the achievement of this goal?

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    • Dear Elizabeth,

      Most Jewish anti-Zionist organisations have been busy fighting “antisemitism” sighting it as their main goal, instead of fighting those who cause “antisemitism”; namely power-lusting, wealth-accumulating, hate-mongering, racist ideologists, among their own communities.

      I think the time is ripe to change direction, and rapidly, if there is still anything to save. Knock at the doors of Synagogues, community centres, organised lobbies, Jewish foundation and Chabad houses. Contact rabbis, community leaders and influential individuals.

      Basically, move on from preaching about “antisemitism” to Palestinians, their supporters and the rest of gentiles, and go to the tribe, where effort must be concentrated and anticipated change must come.

      The ball has long been in their court, and the issue which need challenging and radically changing are primarly in their hands, no one else.

      But to be honest with you, having had exhaustive attempts to reach out to these people and to awaken their conscience, I found nothing but shunning, ridiculing, arrogance, condescending attidude and a mindboggling mindset.

      It is a tough job for you and for humanistic Jewish people who reject the ideology, agenda and the practices of Jewish establishment, because I am sure you know as I do what does it entail to do that job.

      In my modest opinion, Judaism has been hijacked LOOONG ago, and to reclaim it back, and to remove all the rabbinical talmudic and qabbalistic weight which has burdened it and crushed it beyond recognition is a task that I don’t envy anyone who would try to do it.

      It is worth trying nevertheless, maybe there would be a chance for some souls.


  4. where specifically is the proof that Khazar, “ASHKENAZIM”

    proselytes to TalmudicJudaism are really all 12 tribes in

    GENESIS 49…?

    or did Abraham have an autographed copy of the TALMUD ?

    there were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament.




  5. My English is not good but the 2 states solution is gone with the wind:)

    Israel loss this great opportunity to have a Jewish state because of The Scum Netanyahu! Now left to talk is One State and Sister Nahida writes very well and I have posted this article Redemption in my blog,


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    Pageviews 01/2014 5,793

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  6. you bitter, hate-filled, ahistorical, racist cunt.


  7. @Roger Tucker

    Gidon Gottlieb, the guy who coined the so-called “Algerian Solution” for the occupied Palestine – needs a history lesson from some objective source.

    Jews went to Algeria as part of French occupation – and most of them returned home after the Algerian bloody armed resistance to the French colonialists. French occupation forces murdered over 1.5 million Algerian Muslim men, women and children during 1954-62 independence struggle.

    The French have never forgot their humiliation. There are four French Jews who are leading propaganda war against Algeria, Syria, Iran and Palestinians; French President Francois Hollande, Interior Minister Manuel Valls, Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, and Algerian-born Bernard-Henri Levy.


    • Hola Rehmat! As is not unusual, I thought I had coined the term “Algerian Solution.” Then again, when I jumped into this fray 12 years ago, not knowing anything much about the background, I thought I had coined the term “One State Solution.” Silly me.

      Thanks for letting me know about Gidon Gottlieb – I had never heard of him. I’m assuming that he used the phrase to refer to the eventual virtual expulsion of the French. At least, that’s what I mean by it.

      By the way, I just read the piece you linked to – very good, very informative.


  8. Nahida,
    That was a wonderfully well written, comprehensive article that touched my heart. God bless you and bring you success.


  9. Since 1952, Germany has transferred some $70 billion to Israel, as compensation. At the most recent meeting last month in Jerusalem, Germany undertook payment of an additional $1 billion over the next three years.

    September 10, 1952: Israel splits over Reparations Agreement with West Germany – Israel in Camera


  10. The German government has committed to pay nearly 800 million euros for the care of elderly Holocaust survivors as a result of negotiations in Israel between Berlin and a fund for Jewish victims of Nazi aggression. Nearly 60,000 people will benefit from the aid money.…/germany-to-pay-772-million…

    Holocaust Reparations: Germany to Pay 772 Million Euros to Survivors – SPIEGEL ONLINE


  11. Hi Nahida, I have reposted your article here:

    Best wishes,



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  13. […] Redemption: A Challenge to World Jewry […]


  14. Re: Rt’s “If and when this becomes generally accepted as a viable alternative in the world arena”…
    JUSTICE is not some homeopathic medicine to be administered in drops until the lower dose is”accepted,” what? every 66 years?
    Re: Hanna:
    — “I am for a Secular Palestinian state on all historic Palestine.”
    Who are you to tell the Palestinians what kind of state they should have in THEIR OWM LAND? Perhaps they don’t want it to be ‘secular.’
    — ” I don’t believe in guilt by association and definitely I don’t believe in collective punishment.” and “three generations of Israeli Jews were born on the land since the original sin of 1947/48. They should not carry the guilt of their Zionist settler parents who committed the original sin”
    Don’t tell me you are applying this across the board and are dead set against Jews treating Germany (and all of Europe) on this very basis blackmailing and milking it ever since, are you?
    As for the “innocent” later generations and the “original sin” — you seem to imply that Nakba ended in 1948 and that the ‘grandkids” are not perpetrating ethnic cleansing, land theft murders and oppression to this day and every day.

    Nahida, as always, you are on the side of truth and justice 100%.
    To be authentic, support for the Palestinians’ right to regain their land cannot be partial, equivocated or conditioned.

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  15. I tried to read this while suppressing my gag reflex but halfway down the article I had to run and get a lemon to suck on.


  16. […] we call upon Jewish organizations and individuals, to take their responsibility seriously, we invite them to actively participate in restoring justice, righting the wrong, and facilitating […]


  17. […] and our endeavours. Furthermore, we call upon Jewish organizations and individuals, to take their responsibility seriously, we invite them to actively participate in restoring justice, righting the wrong, […]


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  20. Like the abolitionist movement, the anti Zionist movement will succeed after a lot of hard work.


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