“Life On Hold” Quilt

This quilt is very special to me ❤️

“Life On Hold”

It took me about three weeks to make, I finished on the 19 December 2005, just the last night before the departure of my beloved husband Khaled ❤️

During my work on this quilt, Khaled was in hospital in a coma and it’s during those two agonizing weeks that quilt was embroidered

I gave it the name ‘Life on Hold’ reflecting Life in Exile for a Palestinian. Moreover, during this work my life was literally on hold, for the entire two weeks period of Khaled being in coma 💔

I started making it just days before Khaled went to hospital, he offered to help, even though he never embroidered or even stitched anything before  ❤️  He did try, bless his soul ❤️  and he managed a few stitches, and that is the more reason I love and cherish this quilt.

He left me part of him in there ❤️

I Love


Empty handed, I came

Except of a heart

Full of love

and a soul full of awe



Empty handed, I shall leave

Except of a heart

Full of love

and a soul full of awe



​If you ever wondered who I am

If you’re curious to know

If you want to remember me

With anything, after my departure

Two words




I love my children, a bequest from above

A peek into Heaven, and a love pure, Divine



I love my grandchildren, a whiff of angels, a taste of paradise

Hope they imbue, trust they sow and joy they enshrine



I love my mum, my flowery tiara, my song of praise

Her life she gives with glee, her heart tears for every passer by



I love my father, my crown, my honour, my wreath of fame

In humble gratitude, gracious blessings, my head bows down



I love my siblings every single one of them

Afar in their bodies, in my soul, ever so near, intertwined



I love my friends and kin

Those who are nigh and those who are far

Meadows of wildflowers, sway around my soul


I love you, and you and you and him and her

I love you all with all my heart, with all my soul

Every child gaping in awe

Every baby who saw the light and every one who’s not yet born



I Love

Every wrinkled face, carved with pain

Eyes shimmering with hope, soul filled with grace

Arms tender secure, what a holy embrace


I Love

Every father grinding his whole

To see his lovelies giggling with joy

A burning candle to brighten the way

Dispel all horror, secure the home



I Love

Every mother enduring agony

Sleepless nights, growing fears, flowing tears

No strings attached, no hidden agenda

Just love so pure, unconditional, perfect, sublime


I Love

I love the rustling of leaves, whispers of children, singing of nightingales

I love the crashing of waves on the seashore

I love the scent of jasmine blooming, and roses rambling on a wall

I love the aroma of grandma’s bread, fresh out of her taboon


I love colours of the rainbow

Blazing red​, burning orange

Bursting yellow, refreshing green

 Enchanting violet, magical indigo, and calming blue



I love animals, I love fish, I love birds and butterflies

I love leaves and coral reefs and dreamy skies

​I love grass, I love rivers and oceans azures

I love pebbles, I love cobbles and brave stones

I love mountains, rocky hills and sandy shores

I love raindrops, snowflakes, and misty due

I love trees and flowers​, all shapes and hues



I love the World

With all what it contains

With all my heart and all my soul

Every swimming star, twirling galaxy and dazzling blackhole

Every dancing atom, every praying particle, every spinning positron


Above all and most of all

I love the One and Only

Majestic beyond words

Compassionate beyond dreams

Infinite Beyond the grasp of minds

Whose love embraces all



If my heart would have a hole

My love would leak and fill a pail

The pail would flow and fill a stream

The stream would flood and fill a river

The river would deluge and fill an ocean

The ocean would expand and overflow

Earth would gush and drench the universe

Beneath the Throne of the One Most Loving, Most High



Intellectual & Spiritual Imperialism


We came to “liberate” your women

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The Dark Dark Web

This post caused me to be blocked on Facebook



Some contents and photos are extremely disturbing
Searching for clues, discovering patterns, connecting dots, finding common denominator, placing pieces of the puzzle correctly, looking at the whole picture, is called LOGICAL THINKING, not “conspiracy theories”.

This photo essay might appear random and chaotic, but if you take your time you will see; it is laden with clues, topics, persons, events and crimes.

All you have to do is:
  • Search for patterns
  • Connect the dots
  • Look for the common denominator
  • Put the pieces of the puzzle together
  • See the whole picture emerging


London Olympic 2012


Lady Gaga

Marina Abramovic


دموع صامتة


وما تسقط من دمعة الا يعلمها الله
كل دمعة خوف
كل دمعة الم
كل دمعة حزن
دمعي صلاة

صمتي صلاة


اتيتك يا الهي مثقلة بصمتي ودموعي
طرقت باب رحمتك
وافرغت همي على عتبات كرمك
حنانيك يا رب
حنانيك يا ذا الجود والكرم
حنانيك يا ودود يا ذا العفو والمنة


فليتك تحلو والحياة مريرة
وليتك ترضى والانام غضاب
الا ليت الذي بيني وبينك عامر
وبيني وبين العالمين خراب
اذا صح منك الود فالكل هين
وكل الذي فوق التراب تراب


هاك قلبي دكه دكاً دكا
افدي به خلقك وارضك
هاك قلبي انثره ذرة ذرة
وفي زوايا الكون بعثره
عسى ان يورق املاً
ويزهر حبا وعطاءً


Silent tears


Not a tear falls but that He knows it

Every tear of pain

Every tear of grief

Every tear of fear


My tear is a prayer

My silence is a psalm of praise


Darkness descends

All encrypted  doom and gloom

Run soul run, run away

O dear God, frantically I run to You

Burdened with my silence

Loaded to the brim with void

Drowning in an ocean of tears

I knock at the gates of Your Mercy

At the doorsteps of Your compassion,

I dump my agony, empty my grief


O Most Compassionate

O  Most Kind,

Your pardon, I thirst, my Beloved

A sprinkle of Your kindness

A touch of Your grace



“Wouldn’t I wish you’re pleased, even if life is bitter

Wouldn’t I wish you’re satisfied, even if others are annoyed

If only what’s between You and me is flourishing

Even if what’s between me and the world is a ruin

If your friendship is intact, then all is good

All that’s above earth, is dust”


Here is my heart, I give it back, grind it down

May it’s agony be a redemption

Here’s my heart, take it back

Scatter it’s atoms far and wide

In all eleven corners of the universe

Of it’s anguish, may hope sprout

May love grow and kindness bloom


Show me the Way


Dear God

Ten years ago, I sent you a letter

Innocent, hopeful, trusting and pure

I gave me back to You

“Dear Most Loving

Here I am

An empty vessel

Lift me… Fill me… Use me

As You wish

My will is nothing

But Yours”


Today, I am back

Crawling on my knees

Knocking at Your door

Empty handed







Filled to the brim with horror and pain

Seeing evil in the eye, how could I not be?



I thought I’ve seen it all, before!

What a fool!



Dear Most Kind,


I knew it would be a rough ride


But, really, not that rough!


Dear Most Wise


I am not asking you “why did You create evil”


I know You didn’t!


You just bestowed upon us freewill



Dear Most Loving


I am not asking “why don’t You stop them”


That means taking their freewill away


Dear Most Graceful


I am simply asking You for guidance


In this ocean of wickedness and gloom


What do You want me, little old Nahida, to do?


What can we in the Camp of Goodness do?


How can we stop this evil, once and for all?


Show me the way


Show us the way


Love the Land حب الارض



ما اروع حب الارض


حب الارض عبادة فهو يعمر القلب بالشكر والامتنان ويطلق اللسان بالذكر والحمد ويسمو بالروح الى مراتب القرب والعرفان ❤️

حب الارض مقاومة
فهو يرد على من يريدون تدمير الحياة باعتناق الحياة وغرسها والعناية بها حتى تثمر وتزهر

حب الارض شفاء للجسد والعقل والقلب والروح


❤️ ❤️

How splendid love of the land is !

Loving the land is a prayer, it fills the heart with grace and gratitude, moves the tongue with songs, prayers and praise, and elevates the soul in awareness and intimacy ❤️

Love the land is resistance !

It is a practical response to those who want to destroy life; by embracing, planting and caring for life until it yields and blooms

Love of the earth is a therapy and healing for body, mind, heart and soul 











Seen From Heaven

Did you ever wonder

What does the face of Earth look like, from afar?

If angels are gazing down from Heaven, what do they see?

An azure globe shimmering?

A reflection of star-lit night-sky?

Do they see scattered souls beaming?



Some borderline, dull confused minions?

Some satanic, dreary black-holes?

Some angelic, blazing supernovas?

Which one is yours and mine?

I wonder!



Are you an “antisemite”?


In today’s Orwellian world, you are an “antisemite”:

If you refuse to believe that Jews are “chosen”

If you believe that the idea of a “Jewish state” is by definition is exclusive and racist

If you believe that Robbery of an entire country is a crime

If you believe that Wars of conquest and genocide should be a thing of the past

If you believe that kidnapping, imprisonment and target to kill of children is inhumane

If you believe that no one has the right to build “their” country on the ruins of another

If you believe that ethnic cleansing, destroying Biblical villages, uprooting olive trees and demolishing people’s homes is barbaric

If you believe that no people or individuals should be above the law, even Jews, and that all mankind should adhere to the same principles of mutual respect to human rights, including Jews.






















































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