If Only You Could Hear!

If Only You Could Hear!

If you can

Just sit for a moment

And listen …

Listen to the birds

Singing songs of praise


Listen … to the breeze

Whispering to the trees

“Would you pray with me tonight?”

“Yes, with all my heart,

Love, joy and delight”


 IMG_0698 copy

Listen …

Can you hear the rhythm

Of the stone’s heartbeat?

“I love you God”

Their words with every beat

 Picture 181aa

Listen …

Can you hear the silence

In a tranquil summer night

Deep … deep .. silence

Is the language of the heart

 Picture 345 - Copy

Listen …

Rain drops tap-dancing

Tip-top … drip-drop

Tiny elegant steps

A never-ending story

Proclaiming God’s wonders

And His majestic glory 


Listen …

Can you feel the serenity

Of golden wheat grains

Bowing down their heads

Giving mother earth

A great big embrace



Can you hear the rainbow

Stretching up and down

Reaching out to heaven

Then bending like a clown

Dazzling amalgamation

Most certainly divine

 6 - Copy

Listen …

The dignified roses

Extending out their hands

Calling you to pray

Come and join the crowd

God is The Greatest

Most Gracious, Most Kind


 306823_166447576766184_919270_n copy

Listen …

Atoms are dancing

Going round and round

Joyful in their orbits

What a graceful band

Praising their creator

Joining hand in hand

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 18.31.49 copy 

Listen …

Numbers are standing

Magnificent is the sign

Starting from the zero

Infinite is the line

Unique in their performance

Majestic their design

Praying in adoration

Humbly kneeling down



Listen …

Galaxies are twirling

Wrapped up in cosmic light

Swaying in their dresses

Glowing through the night

All shapes colours and sizes

What an awesome sight

Glorifying their Designer

Grace, peace and delight



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