My atheist friend-4


14- September

Dearest Sam

I have to admit to you that after sending my last email I felt so guilty, I regretted being so insensitive to your feelings, please do forgive me; I didn’t mean to be so harsh in my reply; it’s just my reflexive reaction which reflects nothing but my weakness and thoughtlessness. I am so sorry.

 Dear Sam, my aim of all these discussions was never to defeat you, but rather to present, explain, and defend my views.

I wanted to take your mind on a tour to the other side where you’ve never been before.

I wanted to share my thinking, my perceptions, and my experiences with you.

I understand that you’ve arrived at this point of awareness you are at because (just like me and everyone else in the world) this is precisely where your logic, your mind, your experiences had lead you to.

Each one of us on this planet had found him/ her self here… existing…


 So we had to make sense of it all; each in our own way, relying on our commonsense, knowledge and experiences.


 By absolutely no means do my experiences or my logic invalidate yours; neither do I have the right to impose mine on you.

Freedom of choice is the essence of our lives, how can we want something for ourselves, yet deny it to others?


As for my reply to your question what will happen to all the material about molecular genetics, and similar stuff; I don’t see where the problem is. Why is the worry?

Evolution is not a “fact” or a “law”, it never was. It has been taught as a theory and it should still be taught as a theory; however it won’t be the one and only theory.

 If a theory was capable of explaining a certain phenomenon, then the accumulative evidence came to support it; then it will naturally survive. If it fails and some other theory was more adequate at doing the explanation, supported by evidence; then the theory that can produce more valid evidence will eventually prove it self.

 Within the theory of evolution there is some great and credible contributions; however it’s not satisfactorily capable of explaining many issues such as the origin, the novelty, the variety, the purpose, or the complexity of life; neither does it have the evidence that could account for all the missing links as they’re called.

 Chance, mutation, and natural selection are seriously deficient in explaining the above; most serious of all it lacks the ability to explain purposefulness that stemmed out of utter randomness.

It is not capable of explaining how could some purposeful, conscious, conscientious, moral, intelligent beings come to exist out of utter chaos and disorder and only by mere chance.


 Academic freedom and adherence to scientific principles both imply and decree that this freedom should apply to all, including advocates of Intelligent Design.  

The other point regarding Einstein, there is no doubt that he didn’t believe in the personal (human-like) God of the bible as it were; nevertheless he undoubtedly believed in some sort of a God, a Creator. Until the last days of his life he was searching for the ultimate unified theory that would give him an insight into the mind of God as he called it.

When I was a little girl Einstein was my hero, I had his pictures all over my side of the room, I even painted him a picture. It took me ages to convince my sister Dima to put his pictures up! I read a lot about him, his theories and his life, and I cherished many of his quotations.


 Who is your hero?

But I don’t like this photo

In our room

My sister Dima shouts

With rage


He is an ugly old man

What is so nice about him?

Just take it off



But I like him very much

Says I

With wonder

Why can’t you see his beauty?

Look at his twinkling eyes

I think he’s wonderful


See how beautiful

His amazing mind

Covered with his wavy grey hair

You have your heroes

So let me have mine


Why not divide our room

You take that corner

For all the actors

And the singers

You like


And I’ll get this corner

For my Einstein

Don’t you think that’s fair?


With much hesitation

She agrees


The long winded fight

Has settled between us

The two hero- crazy teenagers



Now to other question about suffering will need another episode.



14- September

Dear Nahida,

You have absolutely no reason whatsoever to feel any guilt about your response.

Good friends do not have to feel any guilt for their responses to one another.  I appreciate and value your response because to me it is a sign that you are comfortable enough about me to be honest and express how you feel.  The fact that you take the time and the energy to
respond is also important for it is a sign that you care.  I only wish I could be more like you in this respect.

I really do believe the world would be a better place if people were more honest and open with one another.
I will tolerate a lot in people around me but playing games and hidden agendas are something for which I have little patience.

Even if someone were to have harsh thoughts about me, I would much rather they tell them to my face than mutter them under their breath.


© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat & Sam Semoff -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

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