The New Ten Commandments:

1) Thou shall not criticize Israel

2) Thou shall revere the holocaust with all thy heart

3) Thou shall have no doubt in your heart of the number 6 million

4) Thou shall not compare the unique suffering of the Jews with any other

5) Thou shall honour Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state

6) Thou shall adore the “sinless” Israel, regardless of allegations of sins

7) Thou shall believe that Israel has the right to defend itself and protect
its security by all means (but not Muslims)

8 ) Thou shall not kill (except Muslims)

9) Thou shall not lie (except about Islam and Muslim’s WMD)

10) Thou shall obediently share your earning with Israel (through your tax

And there is a bonus eleventh commandment:

11) Thou shall sacrifice as many humans as humanly possible (specially those
who dare to say NO) on the altar of greed and security of the Jewish state

* * *
NOW a question:

We protest and moan much about ethnic minorities when underrepresented in work places and government positions -and rightly so- as this is clearly a reflection of injustice.

But why do we keep utterly silent when a “certain” minority is HUGELY overrepresented in sensitive positions in many world governments??


Where is the uproar??

Isn’t this also a blatant injustice against the majority of those countries?


And please no one should come with the reiterated myth that they are more “clever” than the rest of us as a justification for this absurdity, because this fable is the MOST RACIST claim they have managed to indoctrinate the masses to accept

see how they spread myths and lies:

2 Responses

  1. We are near the truth and justice.
    We are against of oppression and cruel people who behave cruelty.
      We do not mind the cruel’s and aggrieved people’s religion, race, class, nationality and sex.
      We are near the aggrieved people whoever it is, to oppose the cruel and oppression.

      We  are not enemy to human who is cruel too, but we are enemy to sense of cruelty and badness inside human.
      We have started the war for causes, systems, posibilities and imposibilities which make cruel and aggrieved  human.
      if someone is killed  due to inequity, we think all humanity is killed.

    We know all cruel people are cowardly.

      We believe that certainly oppression of cruel people reach to himself at the end.

      We do not ever  leave  GOD and REALITY.
      We are INVITATION for all of them.
      We are IRAQ, we are PALESTINE…

    We are HUMAN.


  2. I’ll start by saying life is not fair. I say this not to give comfort, but to make good with the blatant hierocracy the world is caught up in. Religious bigotry has become the way of life. Muslims now are considered ‘enemies’ of the ever shrinking ‘free’ world. People like Dilawar (the Afghan taxi driver who was kidnapped, tortured and killed by Americans) are now the Emmitt Till of the present political discourse. History repeats itself. People like to blame Osama and the fictional Iraq Al-Qaida for the hostility currently logged on the Muslim world. Hypocrites like Bush, Pat Robertson, Rove and idiotic political pendants pump the air waves with fear and false propaganda. The criminal gangsters – the Christian right who claim to followers to the prince of peace are running the show. It is only a matter of time though – just like the Zealots ousted the Romans, if the western ‘civilization’ continues to bury their heads in the sand – well just ask the Sicarii; how they managed? It gives a whole new meaning to all men are created equal.I believe it is because we humans do not learn from the past. As Patrick Henry said in 1775 "Give me liberty or give me death". To all my brothers and sisters suffering in Palestine, Sudan, Somalia and all in dark forgotten corner of the world – may you find the long overdue piece & liberty?


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