Jews are essentially different


By Rabbi Eliezier Shmetov, the Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Montevideo, Uruguay

“to "normalize" the Jew, redefining him as a universal citizen of the
world. "We are the same as everybody else, although we have our own
customs, language and land." It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because :

we are not the same as everyone else. We are essentially different.

We have a life
mission that is totally different .

We have a
soul that is totally different .

We have totally different spiritual needs.

We have totally different
spiritual conflicts.

What happens is that many Jews openly deny that they are different
because they do not know how to defend it or because they do not want
to assume the responsibilities that it implies. But this does not
change the fact that they are different.

are not a religion”




nothing has been as detrimental to the Jewish people as the modern idea that
Judaism is a religion."

"We are not a religion; we are
a single soul radiating into many (Jewish) bodies, bonding them as one."


, love of one’s fellow


one must fulfill the commandment of "Ahavat Yisrael", love of one’s fellow Jew, and that the
rest of the Torah is commentary.

"Ahavat Yisrael", in and of itself, is also difficult to
understand. Proper fulfillment of this mitzva
feeling for every single Jew, regardless of how he might behave and how
undesirable his personality might seem. "Ahavat Yisrael" must be felt
even for a Jew on the other side of the world, whom you have never seen.

The answer is that one must look to the
essence of his Jewishness, that which makes him a Jew.

Get to the point

The sole element which spans all variants of
time, philosophy, language and culture is
the possession of a Jewish soul.

Regardless of his level of Jewish commitment
or knowledge, the Jew possesses a unique Jewish soul. This soul, the
irrevocable inheritance of every single Jew, is pure and unsullied, holy and

and control

The Inner Dimension

is presented by

 Gal Einai Institute of Israel


Disseminating the teachings of the inner dimension of the Torah in the
Land of Israel and in the Diaspora as taken from the teachings of

 Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh


Israel is to lead the world toward a Messianic Climax



Israel would be "a
light unto the nations," leading mankind toward a perfected future.

……………….., when the true story of history is
finally told, it will be shown to what
the Jewish People influenced history
lead the world to its eventual
Messianic climax
. Only then will Jewish
contributions in the varied areas of universal morals, ethics, law, science,
philosophy, economics, literature and culture be recognized and appreciated

Israel as Leader of the Nations


Jews as the "conscience of the world." In a redemptive state the Jewish People
will reassume their more natural role as the head,
leading the world to a new age..

The natural inclination of the Jewish
is to elevate themselves to the level of
mind and leadership

Israel a Light Unto the Nations


For Israel to be a "light unto the nations" it
has to channel Torah as the source of G-d’s light in the world

A Jewish leader today in the purest sense
must inspire the whole Jewish People to be "
a nation of priests [leaders] and a
holy people." Performing mitzvot in an inspired fashion,

One of the "campaigns"
of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem
Mendel Schneerson, was that the time was now ripe for the seven mitzvot to
be taught openly. As a result, the American
Congress passed the bill proclaiming the universal relevance of the Seven Mitzvot.

Every attempt to assimilate among the
nations has brought disaster

"… Israel been able to maintain its unique, essential
nature and thereby
greatly influence the

Even after the nations recognize the source of light emanating
from the
Jewish People, there will still need to be a separation.


The only way to feel love for every single
Jew, without exception, is to relate to his spiritual existence, his soul.

Therefore, it is specifically "Ahavat Yisrael", from among all the
mitzvot, which is the paradigm of the entire Torah. Its proper fulfillment
brings with it the spiritual elevation which is the basis of the entire Torah.

Jew has a part of himself within his fellow Jew. In loving another Jew, he is
actually showing love for himself


are leaders of enlightenment


by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

“We have proved ourselves to be the leaders of enlightenment, progress and revolution wherever we have

it were not for Jews, there would be no concept of human dignity, of meaning
and purpose, of the right of every person to education and knowledge, of social
justice and of the value of world peace.
These (along with psychology,
relativity, quantum physics, anthropology, Hollywood and superheroes) are among
our many vital contributions to the world”.


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