Logic of the Absurd


If you read, share or take part in disseminating the QUOTES below, then beware, in our Orwellian World, you might find yourself confronted with logic ad absudum that leads to semi-certain bizarre conclusion:

I’ll confess it, at least: like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months for 10 formative years during my childhood and adolescence I attended Jewish summer camp.

There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was taught that Israel was the true homeland.

Emigration to Israel was considered the highest virtue, and, like many other Jewish teens of my generation, I spent two summers working in Israel on a collective farm while I contemplated that possibility.More tacitly and subconsciously, I was taught the superiority of my people to the gentiles who had oppressed us. We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, people from whom sudden gusts of hatred might be anticipated, people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that we could rely on no one.

Stephen Steinlight (Former Director of National Affairs for the American Jewish Committee, one of the largest and most powerful Jewish organization in America)

“At the basis of Israeli arrogance lies the idea that this really is a special nation with special traits that are shared by no other nation. You can see that among Israeli travelers abroad; you can hear it from anyone who comes into contact with foreigners; you can sense it in the deeper currents of Israeli policy. The Americans are “foolish,” the Indians are “primitive,” the Germans are “square,” the Chinese are “strange,” the Scandinavians are “naive,” the Italians are “clowns” and the Arabs are … Arabs.

Only we know what’s good for us, and not only for us but for the entire world. There is nothing like Israeli ingenuity, there is nothing similar to Jewish intelligence, the Jewish brain invents new ideas for us like no other brain, because we’re the best, bro”.

The achievement of the individual immediately becomes a communal achievement, the communal achievement immediately becomes more irrefutable proof of Israel’s superiority. “The crystal is ours;” “The secret of our existence;” “National pride;” and the “Israeli brain” screamed the headlines in a tasteless and unfounded display at the news of the individual prize.” Gideon Levy describing the supremacy of the “Israeli” society. ( A Leftist, I doubt that he is a self-hater anti-Semite)


My Jewish Problem, Jewish Superiority and Jewish Elite

“Still it is interesting that my friend and I shared a premise: Jews are superior; for whatever reason Jewish culture is superior in areas of modern civilized achievement

“In discussing My Jewish Problem on this blog, that’s a core Jewish value I would point to: Jewish exceptionalism. Belief in that idea underlies so much of Jewish social attitudes and achievement. (Maugham extols it in The Alien Corn; Hemingway throws it in Robert Cohn’s face in The Sun Also Rises). Larry Summers sought to broach the issue of Jewish innate intelligence in his notorious women-and-science speech of January 2005:

“My mother, my father, my grandparents, a family feeling, us-ness, in distinction to the Them.”

I had some us-nessfrom my family, a lot of it, but bridled at it. Is it good for the Jews?question bugged the hell out of me.

I see Jewish as this great civilization.that I am part of. That transcends borders, and it’s not Zionist. Zionism is like Shabbetai Tzvi, It’s a big chapter in a long story. Jews will survive this one too. Jews is: a sense of difference, yes, inevitably of elite identity, that’s part of Jewish history and one I struggle with. Jewish is a Story, a myth…”

Philip Mondoweiss (he describes himself as a “Progressive Jew”)

Every Jew, men and even women and children, brings about the existence of the entire creation, they becomemasters over the world, and thus every single creation owes them recognition for this good

Being that through the Jew all beings were created, he therefore becomes the master over all of them

The Jew is in complete control, particularly over physical matters. The physicality of the world itself has to recognize the good that the Jew has accomplished
Through the Jews they came into being, and their true existence is through their unity with the True Being

“Since G-d and the Jews are one, each Jew becomes a True Being, and thus able to bring about all of creation

“He (the Jew) therefore has control over all of creation and not only that, but they owe him thanks and are indeed thankful

The Rebbe Menachem Schneerson Excerpt of Sicha 21 Elul, 5749


“They shall be your subjects and serve you

“The subjugation they must accept consists of being on a lower level, scorned and humble. They must never raise their heads against Israel, but must remain subjugated under their rule. They may never be appointed over a Jew in any matter whatsoever


Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon



“There are two different and distinct entities: the human being, and the Jew who is part of G-d

We are a G-dly people, we have G-dly souls. Our place is in Heaven, in fact higher than Heaven because Heaven is also a created place, and we are a part of G-d”

“We are to treat other Jews are Divine beings, because that’s what they are”

Rabbi Manis Friedman

“….. the Jew has an additional mission, and therefore an additional soul.”
“It is this soul that gives the Jews the power to be G-dly in a human world and supernatural in a natural universe.

Rabbi Shlomo Chein


We have proved ourselves to be the leaders of enlightenment, progress and revolution wherever we have traveled..”
If it were not for Jews, there would be no conceptofhuman dignity, of meaning and purpose, of the right of every person to education and knowledge, ofsocial justice and of the value ofworld peace
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

“The Jewish soul is the energy given to the Jew to be able to carry out this mission…… The soul can perhaps be explained as a “microcosm of G-d“.

Rabbi Shlomo Chein, Director of Chabad @ UC S.Cruz in California and editor of askmoses.com


Israel would be “a light unto the nations,” leading mankind toward a perfected future.”

“when the true story of history is finally told, it will be shown to what extent the Jewish People influenced history, helping lead the world to its eventual Messianic climax.”

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg


Jews as the “conscience of the world…. In a redemptive state the Jewish People will reassume their more naturalrole as the head, leading the world to a new age.”

“The natural inclinationof the Jewish People is to elevate themselves to the level ofmind and leadership, which naturally uplifts the entire world.”



Israelbeen able to maintain its unique, essential nature and thereby greatly influence the world

Every attempt to assimilate among the nations has brought disaster

“Even after the nations recognize the source oflight emanating from the Jewish People, there will still need to be a separation.”



“Jews are different from human beings in their actions and consequences of their actions”

A Jews, although he has transgressed, is a Jew.”

Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe


“It aims to “normalize” the Jew, redefining him as a universal citizen of the world. “We are the same as everybody else, although we have our own customs, language and land.” It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because we are not the same as everyone else. We are essentially different. We have a life mission that is totally different. We have a soul that is totally different. We have totally different spiritual needs. We have totally different spiritual conflicts.”

Rabbi Eliezier Shmetov, the Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Montevideo, Uruguay


Jews as different in levels of mercy, modesty, and acts of goodness

“A Jew is different in that he has a neshomah, an additional level to the life force of other human beings.”

Nefesh-HaBahamis-Animal-Soul and Nefesh-HoElokis-G-dly-Soul

R.L. Kremnizer



Rabbi Mordechai Friedman



Jews should Destroy their (Arab) holy sites” and “Kill men, women and children (and cattle)”

Rabbi Manis Friedman


“A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself IS the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews

Rebbe Menachem Schneerson


“Exterminate the Palestinians”

Lubavitch Family Magazine


“Exterminate all Palestinian Males”

Rabbi Yousef Falay


One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin


Jewish blood is NOT the same as the blood of a (Gentile) goy

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg


“The battlefield is not just in Gaza strip.The battlefield is everywhere where a Jew exists…in North and South, in West and East”

Former Chief Rabbi of “Israel”,
Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Yisrael Meir Lau


“If a Jew need a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value. There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh


Moroccan Jews are called “primitive” and “backward” by

Dr. Giora Yosefial


X-Prime-Minister of “Israel” Levi Eshkol named them

human rubbish” and “defective people


Dr. Nachum Goldman who was described as “a Jew and a Zionist with a profound awareness of Jewish culture and history, yet at the same time a “citizen of the world.”

Goldman described North African Jewry as catastrophic immigration


Professor Chaim Sheba believed in the “genetic supremacyof Ashkanazi Jews so he ran the programme of

mass radiation of North African Jewish children!



the “Israeli” army is guilty of one thing:

“they didn’t wipe them All out”





In 2003, the theorist and historian “Israeli” military strategist, Martin van Creveld declared the following:

We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome Most European capitals are targets for our air force … We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under


“Then the people of Israel made this vow to the Lord:

If you will hand these people over to us, we will completely destroy all their towns” (including the inhabitants of the land)

The Hebrew Bible: Numbers 21:2

The Hebrew Bible also “blessed” “Israel” with a special Mitzvah

a Commandment to exterminate the Amalekitesand the seven Canaanite nations


Not to forget the Milchemet Reshut (לחמת רשות)

“milchemet reshut … a war of aggression“The Torah permits such a war to expand the borders of Eretz Yisrael, to capture captives, or because the King of Israel decides that war is good for the country and for God”

Milchemet reshut is war against other nations to enlarge Eretz Yisrael and increase its prestige.”



The supremacist and genocidalChabad Rebbe Schneerson is praised by NY Times as the “Oracle of Crown Heights

Furthermore, he getsrewarded with the Gold Medal by the USA congress


Such is the “elitist” Culture with “great civilization”

which has always been at the “helm of social justice”

They are the “champions of progress and morality”

“Love thy neighbour”, they “teach” us

That which is hateful to you, don’t do unto others, “Our Golden Rule”, they say

Such supremacists are celebrated in MSM

Of course that type of book does not deserve the attention or the concern of those who claim to be anti-racists, neither do we hear their outcry or see their protest against it. However, the same alleged “anti-racists” leave no stone unturned to try to stop people from endorsing or even reading such book!


From all the above, and according to some self-claimed “anti-racists” campaigners, there is only one



Nahida is a “racist”

and an “anti-Semite”

In Liverpool a Palestinian activist, Nahida, who was once the mainstay of the group, changed almost overnight when she married a sinister Dutchman. Jewish conspiracies took over her life and it was with difficulty that the branch reclaimed its website, which had posted links to her anti-Semitic website (‘Spiders Web’).”

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