Michael Chertoff

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Does it matter that Michael Chertoff was the head of Department of Homeland Security ?

Does it matter that he was the one in charge of 9/11 investigation?

Does it matter that he introduced and campaigned to have the full body scanner machines in airports?

Does it matter that he has shares in the Chertoff company which manufactures and sells body scanner machines?

Does it matter that this man is a dual citizen?

Does it matter that his father is a Talmudic rabbi?

Does it matter that he has very warm relationship with the supremacist group Chabad Lubavitch?





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michael chertoff chabad 3

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michael chertoff chabad

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    THE FACTS: “Jews”, Zionists and Israelis are at the head of, control, finance or terrorise all the top institutions in Christendom, including the Churches worldwide.

    But, speaking from a Muslim perspective, those criminals are not the same ones mentioned as YAHUD and BANI ISRA’IL by Allah the All Merciful in the Holy Qur’ân.

    However, the funny thing is that when we point one finger at the criminals, they always point back three fingers at us! Why? Because we are supposed to be the innocent good ones when in reality we are the guilty ones who have allowed the criminals to commit crime after crime, genocidal war after genocidal war, global plunder and pollution, the perversion of all morality, the destruction of the family unit and of both human and non human nature, and the power to indoctrinate our children in a Dajjalic public school system and to expose them to their Satanic media day in and day out.

    Does it matter that THOSE criminal Jews (mostly Sephardic) from Salonika (Thessalonica) trained by Christians and Communists from France and financed by the International Bank Gangsters took over the Ottoman government and carried out the mass slaughter of millions of Muslims and Christians and destroy the decadent Khilaafah?

    Does it matter that Jews orchestrated, financed or were involved in the Bolshevik Revolution, World War I, all or most of the revolutions, mass murder, and wars up to this very day?

    Does it matter that Jews set up the illegal private Jewish Bank called the Federal Reserve Bank to enslave and rip off the entire American population?

    Does it matter that Jews are controlling the City of London, the Jewish private Bank of England, and dictating through terror the entire Western and non Western world through entities like the Bank of International Settlement, the UNO, the World bank, the IMF, NATO, ADL of B’nai B’rith, the Zionist Israeli AIPAC, the Chabad Lubavic Terrorist Cells, the CRIF, JDL, EDL, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and so on?

    If you add to this the Vatican, the CFR, the Freemasons, the World League of Churches, the Bilderberg Group, people like me will say: STOP, I AM GETTING OFF AT THE FIRST AVAILABLE PLANET! Our Satanic owned Earth is doomed!

    Muslims are our only hope only when they will acquire enough military might and get rid of the Kufr System of governance and way of life most of them have embraced as a result of colonisation, oppression and cultural terrorism, and savage capitalism and consumerism.

    We cannot find any solution to world problems as long as we will continue to accept a RIBA (USURY) based economy that generates wars and all kinds of abominations and where the masses are brainwashed into believing that by signing their DEATH (MORT) GAGE with the Jewish and other Bank Gangsters that makes them slaves for ever they can survive or live in peace on this planet as natural human beings!

    And THOSE CRIMINAL AND PERVERTED “JEWS” (Parasites, Atheists, Reformed, Zionists, Communists, Socialists, Humanists, Feminists, Homosexuals, Pornographers, Mercenaries, Racists, Terrorists, Paedophiles, etc.) are guilty of millions of other abominations, but only because we have allowed them to do so due to our own laziness, hypocrisy, infidelity, treachery, cowardice, greed and selfishness.

    It is a pity to see Christians and Muslims worldwide bowing down to strange Gods and practicing Diin as Shaytaan!

    Monday 17 June 2013


  2. those who are complicit in assisting the “Jewish” cabal are not really




    Jesus commanded that the “children of the Devil” be rounded up and place in the fiery furnaces…


    the Truth is Jesus also said to KNOW the Truth…


    not knowing the truth about what makes someone a “Jew” like the son of the devil CHERTOFF doesn’t change the truth


    Zakheim, Zelikow, Mukasey, Schumer, Dershowitz, Leiberman
    Feinstein, Peres,




  3. […] Where is antisemitism when racist  supremacists  get promoted  as heads of Department of Homeland Security? […]


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