Are you a man or an angel?

When life rages around you
When you smell death in every corner
When the good and the noble get slaughtered before your very eyes
Don’t ever lose hope
Goodness is organic
Just like life
It never fades away
It never ever dies
hass ba

Constantly I wonder
How can any mortal
With only human capacity
Live… and die
Without leaving any one
Feeling anything
Towards him
But genuine love
And  immense admiration

holding the ooz

Is that at all possible?
Can that human be real?
How can someone
Be adored so much,
By so many,
For such a length of time?


Your selfless soul
Lived only to serve others
Your great big heart
Always made room for all
Your brilliant mind
An inspiration to many
Your time was never yours alone

ooz and baba

If I didn’t know you
If I didn’t live with you
I would’ve found this notion
Difficult to believe


But Habibi… you are real
You lived an exemplary life
That’s difficult to imitate
Hard to live up to

piggy back2

So is it any wonder
That I always wonder


2 Responses

  1. An angel is always thankful to Allah, so some say, but not all humans are. Many look like humans, but they are not and are some kind of monsters! To be thankful for the good and when we see good shows the divine spark in those who are not ungrateful.

    “If I didn’t know you
    If I didn’t live with you”

    Keep your heart and imaan pure, Sister, and may Allah reward you.





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