Mind teasing


Mind teasing


Virtual/ surreal reality & Relativity, limitations and inadequacy of mind and science:


Things to stretch the imagination and to ponder about:


-What is the universe without the viewer? What is matter without the observer? And is there such a thing as absolute matter/material world?


-Does colour exist without an eye to see?


-Does sound have any presence or meaning without ears to hear and mind to interpret?


-Does matter have any substance or essence without hands and nerve-system to experience?


-What is time without the observer? Is there such a thing as absolute time detached from the observer?


-If our brains have a 3-seconds memory span, will time have any meaning in our world?


-If there is no brain at all to perceive the moment, the past and the future; is there such a thing as time?


The only way we perceive things in the world is through our senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, feeling, and memory.

 All are brain functions, all are internal subjective interpretation of electric pulses.


-If there are no senses to perceive matter and energy; is there such a thing as the cosmos and space?


-What would be the looks, colours and sounds of the universe if we could perceive the entire spectrum of light and sound waves that exist?


If our brains were built differently, say if our optical nerves were connected to the part of the brain that interpret sound, we’d be hearing light signals, red would be perceived as a noise and green would be heard as a different sound.


 If our nerve taste-buds were connected to the part of the brain that interprets pain we’d be suffering taste of chocolate.


 If our touch nerve-endings were connected to the part of the brain that interprets sounds we’d be hearing the stone as we caress it, solid matter would hum differently from liquid or gas.

Sitting on a sofa might have a deep melody yet hitting a wall might be deafening.


If our hearing nerves were connected to the part of the brain that interpret touch or pain, we’d be touching the heat of Mozart’s symphony and aching as w do.

 How warm or painful is the voice of your cat, or how spongy or firm is the sound of your TV might be legitimate questions.


As I am writing this now; am I sitting inside the room or the room is actually inside my brain as perceived through my constrained senses?

What is the real entity of the room without me observing it with my restricted intellectual capacity?


Un-detached from our subjective senses and being totally trapped in them; all what we experience and perceive as real and think of as truth has no correlation in terms of absolute reality.


Trying to find out absolute facts and supreme truths is impossible with our existing limitations.


Trapped in our senses there is absolutely no way that we could ever find out any absolute reality.


Reality as we perceive is a mirage.


The closer we think we are getting to discovering reality, the further away we become from knowing and comprehending it?

The irony is that in the world of secularism, where people rely utterly on physical matter and materialism to understand and explain the world and our own existence; we fall flat on our faces as we hit the walls of constraint and limitation of our material senses.


Science can only take us so far; then perplexed, mystified, and subdued we surrender.


Don’t get me wrong, I love science, I delight in learning; but with the restraint of our senses we can never know any absolute reality of things, acknowledging our limitations is a step forward towards making sense of it all, getting some meaning and understanding of our own existence.

Virtual reality



Do you know the grass you see?

Is it really green or have you been deceived?


Can you feel the stone you hold?

Is it truly solid or could your hand simply run through?


What about this butterfly floating up and down?

Is it out there or merely an icon in your brain?


Are you sitting in the room, or is it the other way around

I mean the room is but conceived inside your mind?


If you erase your memory, what would be of yesterday?

What does tomorrow mean, when you’re never there?


What is a tree?

What is wood?

What is a cell?

What is a molecule?

What is an atom?

What is a proton?

What is a quark?

Names… names… names… nothing but names

All we know is how to give a name

This silly game I can’t work out


What is matter when all is none but energy

Condensed, concealed, slowed down?

Is it really true that energy is nothing but mass

Travelling with the speed of light?


The more we learn, the more manifest is our ignorance

The closer we become, the further we propel away

The harder we think, the less we understand


Trapped in space

Jailed in time

Restricted with my senses

How can I ever know? Will I ever come to grasp?




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

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