What is going on?


Un-Merry Christmas for me!

What is going on?


“Hello is this the Christmas Help Line?”


“Yes… good afternoon and merry Christmas

Angela speaking

How can I help you?

Are you feeling lonely today?”


“Absolutely, awfully lonely

And I have a serious problem

Grave one without a doubt

May be you could help… sort me out

People around me are buoyant and joyful

Oblivious to what’s happening

To the precious baby

They’re rejoicing for


Celebrating his birthday

While he’s dying

A thousand deaths a day


Feasting lavishly

Partying like mad

While he’s awaiting starvation

Persecution… torture… humiliation

And targeted assassination

Isn’t that sad


Oh little baby of Nazareth

Can they not sense your pain?

Can they not see you bleeding?

Can they not hear you weeping?

Time and time again


And you, little town of Bethlehem

Can you hear them singing your name?

Do you feel the stabbing of their feet

As they dance over your wounds with glee

While you’re drenched with hurt and shame


Oh little town of Bethlehem

Have they not noticed

The limbless forsaken petrified child

They have made you

As they dragged you into their fantasy fame


Oh wingless heartbroken Jerusalem

Tell me

How can they fail to see your tears?

Are they blissfully ignorant or pretending to be?

Would they pop up their life-bubbles

And face reality


 “Dear caller

Who is speaking?

I didn’t catch your name?

Be reassured

It’s all confidential

Every thing you say?”


“Have you heard of Jesus?

I am his mother… who raised him

I am his daughter… who loved him

I am his sister… who held him

I am his friend… who embraced him

I am the fisherman… who fed him

I am the wise-man … who visited him 

I am the Shepard… who believed him

I am the disciple… who followed him

I am the Palestinian … who made my heart his home”


“Oh… yes… I see”


“Dear Angela

You know what?

I’ve never had a happy Christmas

Since I was born


Dear Angela

I know that this conversation is not to be disclosed

But I am begging you not to keep it so


Dear Angela… go

Just go

Tell your colleagues

Friends and family

And everyone you know

Tell of my story

Spread every word you’ve heard


Dear Angela

The root of the problem

The cause of my pain

Is that… no body knows

What’s going on


Or do they?


I don’t know


But if they do…




I really want to know

 What’s going on?


Nahida Izzat

Exiled Palestinian




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved 

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