A “Benign” culture with “Benign individuals”!

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

This presentation uncovers the side of Jewish-zionist-Israeli face that is kept carefully hidden from the general public. I present it here in all its ugliness, for the sake of truth and truth-seekers.

Disclaimer: Quoting people and books is NOT antisemitism

“A nation of priests”

“Light unto the nations”

Come and learn O humans!

Enjoy the pearls of wisdom:


Says Rabbi Mordechai Friedman


‘Gentiles exist only to serve Jews’

Says Rabbi Ovadia Yosef




“Jews should Destroy their (Arab) holy sites” and

“Kill men, women and children (and cattle)”

Says Chabad Rabbi Manis Friedman



Says the Chabad Rebbe Menachem Schneerson


“Exterminate the Palestinians”

Says Lubavitch Family Magazine


Jewish blood is NOT the same as the blood of a (Gentile) goy

Says Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg




The doctor who refused to treat Arabs

Also killed 29 Palestinians,

as they knelt down to pray

Rabbi Baruch Goldstein


“The battlefield is not just in Gaza strip.

The battlefield is everywhere where a Jew exists

in North and South, in West and East”

Says Former Chief Rabbi of “Israel”,

Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Yisrael Meir Lau


Says Chabad rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh


Dr. Giora Yosefial called Moroccan Jews

primitive” and “backward

X-Prime-Minister of “Israel” Levi Eshkol named them

human rubbish” and “defective people

Dr. Nachum Goldman who was described as “a Jew and a Zionist

with a profound awareness of Jewish culture

and history, yet at the same time a “citizen of the world.”,

Goldman described North African Jewry as “catastrophic immigration

Professor Chaim Sheba believed in the “genetic supremacy” of Ashkanazi Jews

so he ran the programme of

mass radiation of North African Jewish children!




During the onslaught on Gaza

“A few benign individuals” celebrated the murder

of suckling babies and little children

moreover, they called to

“Wipe them all out”

“A few more benign individuals” chanted:

kill the Arabs….butcher the Arabs … I hate Arabs


Another “few benign individuals”

celebrated the murder of humanitarian workers

saying that the “Israeli” army is guilty of one thing:

“they didn’t wipe them All out”


Another group of “few benign individuals” shouted

Deport the Jewish “Negros”



And here, another group of 300 “benign” rabbis have signed

a document which warns that it is forbidden in the Torah

to sell a house or a field in the land of Israel to a Gentile.


Chabad which is subsidized by “Israeli” government abroad

danced around to the sound of bombs

falling over Gaza



they also printed 500,000 booklets

with special prayers to the soldiers

and a message from the Rebbe Schneerson

“Then the people of Israel made this vow to the Lord:

If you will hand these people over to us,

we will completely destroy all their towns”

(including the inhabitants of the land)

Says the Hebrew Bible: Numbers 21:2


The Hebrew Bible also “blessed” “Israel” with a special Mitzvah

a Commandment to exterminate the Amalekites

and the seven Canaanite nations



Not to forget the Milchemet Reshut (לחמת רשות)

“Jewish Wars of Aggression”

“milchemet reshut … a war of aggression

The Torah permits such a war to

expand the borders of Eretz Yisrael,

to capture captives,

or because the King of Israel decides that

war is good for the country and for God”

Milchemet reshut is war against other nations

to enlarge Eretz Yisrael and increase its prestige.”


The supremacist and genocidal Chabad Rebbe Schneerson

is praised by NY Times as the “Oracle of Crown Heights

Furthermore, he getsrewarded with the Gold Medal by the USA congress

And his disciples continue to run the show in the White House!

The same supremacist Chabadniks have deep links with

International Monetary Fund- IMF,

you can watch them here celebrating Chanukah at IMF

The same supremacist Chabadniks brag:

Look who was the past chairman of the Federal Reserve –

A Jew named Greenspan.

And now that he retired, who was just appointed to replace him?

Ben Shalom Bernanke (Can you get any more Jewish than this?)


Hollywood, the entertainment business which has

inspired anti-Muslim prejudices

for over a century now,

is also deeply affected by the same kind of racism and supremacy

Hollywood “masters” boast how they have created

an “empire of their own”

Actor Marlon Brando confirms:

Hollywood is run by Jews. It is owned by Jews



Yet again

Its “benign” individuals have always been at the “helm of social justice”

They are the “champions of progress and morality”

95% of US Jews support Israel as a Jewish state

90% of British Jews believe that Israel is the ‘ancestral homeland’ of the Jewish people

“Love thy neighbour”, they “teach” us

That which is hateful to you, don’t do unto others“,

“Our Golden Rule”, they say


Am I missing something here??

for humanity’s sake

What and where are these “Jewish values”

they keep bragging about?


One Response

  1. Two uncles of mine fought the Germans in WW2, Nahida… one in N.Africa + the other in Europe. One was one of the ‘rats of Tobruk’ + the other in a tank regiment participated in liberating concentration camps in Germany, etc after D-Day. Both would be ‘turning in their graves’ now in outrage over the fact that these Jews have become as bad as the Nazis …in their occupation + genocide in Palestine!


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